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  1. I hear that, Dave. It's so great to see The Ocean live on stage. I think I'll throw the disc in myself. You talked me into it.
  2. Hey Cindy. It's nice to be here.

  3. I just discovered this thread, and I think it might be the most entertaining one on here. I love pouring through vintage news articles. This is new Led Zeppelin territory for me. I'll be busy all night. Thanks to all of you.
  4. For me it was when I was a teenager in the mid to late 80s and really into the heavy metal scene at the time. Our local radio station, WBLM in Portland Maine, started playing a "Zep Set" consisting of three songs each weeknight at 10pm. I started to listen. I noticed how diverse the band was, and how they really branched out in several directions from the mothership of heavy blues rock. I'd never owned any of their tapes or albums, but I began collecting tapes because I hated the massive withdrawal that hit me around 10:20 each weeknight when the radio station stopped playing Led Zeppelin songs. One at a time, I bought tapes. I ain't been right since. I also read the Davis book, Hammer of the Gods. The weird part about that is, I loved it at the time, but the band members say it's a bunch of hogwash. This whole Internet thing is something I never even fathomed back then. It's made being a fan way more rewarding for me. Especially Ebay. It's safe to say I have a mild addiction to collecting small bits of Led Zeppelin.
  5. Yes sir, that comment is included in my version of the show at 8:48.
  6. I saw the band play once when I was 18 or 19. It was 1991 and the opening act was Alice in Chains. I slightly prefer the Roth era, so I really wish I had seen them earlier. They're a fun band. I wish they had more available in stores on DVD.
  7. Hi Strider. I definitely heard the second source insert on Ten Years Gone. I'm recalling from memory since I listened to the show yesterday, but I believe it was in the latter half of the song, almost at the end. As for the "cook" comment, I'm going to need to go back and check. During Stairway to Heaven, Robert asks, "Does anyone remember forests?" That's a new one for me. One of the main reasons I'm trying to gather live material is because of Robert's comments in between songs. Not to discount the epic prowess of the majestic music, but the guy is mighty entertaining just introducing the songs.....and occasionally poking fun at Bonzo. "The Man who is holding up the show." I don't know what version I have, but I'd like to know. I'll let you know about the "cook" comment tomorrow. Hi Walter. Thanks for having me! I like it here. I wish it hadn't taken me so long.
  8. 6/21/77 Inglewood LA Forum arrived today. I had never heard it. I'm now in the middle. All I can say is that it lives up to the hype I'd heard about. Wow! No Quarter has been my highlight thus far. Robert is amazing on Black Country Woman! I like at the start of the acoustic set when he motions Bonzo to the front of the stage and calls him "Rhinestone Cowgirl." Classic stuff right there! It's probably old hat to you guys, but this is my first time hearing it.
  9. Will my house get egged if I pass out celery?
  10. Bite sized Snickers and Tootsie Pops. I usually pass out candy while the TV plays John Carpenter's 1978 classic, Halloween.
  11. H hon. Yup I'm a 9/22 b-day.....first day of fall most years. I'm having a blast here. I've wanted to join a Zeppelin site for a long time. They've been my top band since I was 14 or 15 years old. Thanks for being so friendly.

  12. Thanks for sharing that one. I hadn't seen that video since Whole Lotta Zep Weekend on MTV back in 1990.
  13. San Francisco 4/27/69. (I only have about ten live shows, so it's slim pickin's for me.)
  14. I love this thread. I don't have to go find the stuff; you people find it and bring it here! Writes of Winter is one song I hadn't heard in a while. Hopefully a remastered edition of Outrider is in the works sometime soon.
  15. The albums I most enjoy are American Beauty, Mars Hotel, Workingman's Dead, Reckoning, and the self titled album that has the song "Mama Tried." As for live albums, I like Europe '72 as well as Dead Set. I was lucky enough to see the band live. I caught two shows at the Boston Garden in 1993 and I saw an outdoor gig in Highgate, Vermont in 1994. There were about 100,000 of us there for that one. I also saw The Jerry Garcia Band around the same time here in Portland, Maine. Good times. Hardly any big acts come to Maine anymore because we lack an awesome concert venue. We usually have to go to Boston.
  16. I think today was Thanksgiving in Canada. Hope you guys had a good one.
  17. Triple Platinum? Wow! For New Zealand's size, they must have a high percentage of Led Zeppelin fans! Their nursing home applications must have questions like, "How big of a stereo do you need in your room for your Led Zeppelin catalogue?" What made me happy today is that Maine is 80 degrees with colorful foliage at the same time. It's a weird combo and I like it. See me in three months and I won't like any of it!
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