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  1. Actually it happened five times. I think you are probably missing Jason's wedding reception. From what I have read that was a pretty good "gig" for the guys.
  2. Obviously no one could fill the stool that was left empty by Bonzo's death. However, for the sake of this conversation I would choose Cozy Powell. His two tracks on "Pictures at Eleven" just happen to be my favorite tracks on the album. IMO "Slow Dancer" could have fit very nicely on a Zeppelin album with a few minor tweaks.
  3. I checked the ratings for broadcast TV for the past week and CBS had 11 of the top 15 shows. Not any that I watched but.......... Mark, I love your work as well.
  4. This is kinda a compilation of all the Detroit rumors I have heard over the years. I heard one Cobo Hall show wasn't up to snuff and some people walked out (either the 72 or 73 tour). Also, if you believe Richard Cole, Bonzo said he never wanted to play Detroit again after the power kept going out at a Grande Ballroom show. It must not have been too bad as they had two shows scheduled at Joe Louis Arena for the 1980 tour.
  5. Quadrophenia, Who Are You, and Who's Next. I find myself liking songs that were written by The Ox more and more.
  6. My bad on the above post. Mick didn't say "a little rain". He said "If it rains in London..........." Still, this was more than a shower.
  7. Did you catch Mick's comment between songs? It was something along the lines of "When we have a little rain in London you can come play for us." I think Sandy was a bit more than "a little rain." I am a long-time Stones fan, but they just didn't look/sound too good last night IMO. The Who sounded great, even though Roger could have kept his shirt on.
  8. I couldn't make this up. I have been waiting, like all of us, for this show to air. My DVR was set days ago. Yesterday afternoon I called regarding my cable bill and had the proper adjustments made.I was assured no changes were made to my service package. I went to sleep last night anticipating waking up early and watching the show via DVR. I turned on the TV this morning to find my "Digital Package Discontinued." Turns out the cable rep lowered my bill, but she also mistakenly killed my DVR service, hence the show didn't record. I told her why I was upset and she replied, "I hope this d
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