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  1. I love the No Quarter concert. Brilliant performances. Off the top of my head, I love the versions of 'NFBM' and 'WTLB' and my girlfriend actually asks me to put 'Yallah' on more than any other Page and Plant songs from that era. I remember being taken with that too and I really enjoyed 'Wonderful One'. For me, Walking into' was a bit of a letdown at the time but i firmly believe that was only due to expectations. Looking back, I always liked 'Most High' and 'Blue Train' is beautiful. There are others on the album that i really like hearing now too. I remember 'Heart in the Hand' being pla
  2. Does anybody know where I might find some old Band Of Joy recordings? Specifically some live stuff and yeah, I saw Kevin at the Manchester gig too (PS I've heard 66 to Timbuktu) Many thanks for any help I might get!
  3. I've always thought it was "then". It sounds nothing like "think" to me. Plus, all of the live recordings suggest it is "then". Some live recordings are actually much clearer than the studio version and they make it obvious that it is in fact "then". Come to think of it (not that they are pieces of hard evidence), not one transcript I've seen deviates from the lyric being "then"....Unless it's "Zen"
  4. Went to the gig last night and it really was amazing. The videos on youtube do the band of joy no justice On a side note, it was filmed professionally. Dvd?
  5. Aligula

    MOJO Robert Plant

    Anyone who thinks that Robert Plant (or any member) owes anything to anybody is misguided. Plant may have been playing bars etc but things can change quickly for people. Who's to say he wouldn't have become massive without Zeppelin? Particularly considering how original his vocal is/was. Also, don't forget he was only in his teens! That is very early days. He had years ahead of him to get somewhere. With regards to people on this forum that think the members of Zeppelin owe their fans something....that is hilarious. If anything, we owe them for filling our lives with their music. I for one
  6. Anyone know where i can hear robert and the priory doing flames and as long as i have you? I saw them quite a few times and loved these tracks. Never heard them since. His version of song to the siren was so much better than dreamlands but eh, at least i heard them both:) Any help is much appreciated:) Cheers
  7. I managed not to. Instead I bought a Townes Van Zandt album. Another great thing about Robert's work, it leads you to so many great places. Tim Buckley is another fantastic artist I came to appreciate at the age of 16 Who knows whether I'd have even found him if not for Robert!!
  8. To me that still counts as a Grammy and sorry for the confusion Nine Lives, I meant the guy who started the thread got that wrong too as he said they'd won five. I know it's picky but god, some of the things said on here make me want to smash my head against the screen....or open a can, sit back and listen to Rich Woman
  9. They started with The Immigrant song's riff and then went into The Wanton Song. They dropped the Immigrant song riff for the '98 tour when I saw them.
  10. This thread is a bit of a laugh isn't it? NO.1 Led Zeppelin have won a Grammy (I know that's already been pointed out) NO.2 Robert Plant & Alison Krauss as a duo have won more than five so that's wrong too (I believe it's six in total but feel free to correct me if I'm wrong and laugh at the blatant hypocrisy!!) NO.3 To the moron who posted about Plant/Krauss being "together" and it preventing a Zep Reunion blah blah blah, they are not "together" in any sense other than a musical one. Idiot. NO.4 Why on earth do Led Zeppelin, one of the most influential and greatest bands in th
  11. Just go to ebay and then you can rest. There are plenty of tickets stubs up for sale with the words Led Zeppelin on them.
  12. Agreed. It does seem desperate. Gone are the days when artists remained just a little bit mysterious eh!! Her lyrics seem terrible but supposedly she's actually talented. I just can't get over her ridiculous attempts to make us believe she had a difficult and poor upbringing.
  13. Incidentally, did anyone see the plea Lilly Allen made to her fans? She begged them to buy her album so that she can be No.1 In the US charts and in her note she said something like "At the moment I'm sitting behind Robert Plant & Alison Krauss who are quite rightly No.1" Yay:)
  14. I haven't spoken to Robert recently so I won't bother trying to guess why he chose to work in Nashville. Probably something to do with the fact that he was working with Alison Krauss & T Bone but what do I know.
  15. I know it's not about the headliners and I agree with that but to say one thing and then do another is quite odd. Especially when they've basically mis-lead alot of people along the way. Springsteen is almost certainly headlining I think. I mean, he's left the dates clear and today it was announced that he's doing a Hyde Park Festival the night after he's supposed to be doing Glastonbury so the timing is right. I'm not sure he'll do any non festival gigs in the UK this time around as it's a small tour. I thought if anything he'd do London and that'd be it but now with the Hyde Park fest
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