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  1. "Give me a 'D'!"

    "Give me an 'Arkness'!"

    Yes folks, Lowestoft's finest are back!

    Following their acrimonious, coke-fuelled split several years ago, the unfeasibly camp Justin Hawkins has reformed the classic line-up, and the band have just unleashed their third masterpiece, in the latest move in their one-man Mission To Save Rock. 'Hot Cakes' is closer to their classic debut 'Permission To Land' than its ambitious & diverse follow-up, 'One Way Ticket To Hell...And Back', and admirers will be relieved to hear that former jingle-writer Hawkins has come through yet again with more bangin' tunes full of outrageous falsetto & recycled AC/DC riffs, all delivered with a knowing wink and an arched eyebrow.

    When they broke through back in 2003, seasoned rock fans weren't quite sure what to make of them and their irreverent take on the mutually masturbatory rock ritual - rock fans are generally a fairly humourless bunch, who take the whole freakshow far too seriously - but those of us who don't feel threatened by parody & pastiche welcomed these gay (in the original sense of the word) young whippersnappers as a breath of fresh air, at a time when rock had become way too po-faced and introspective.

    Here then are a couple of delights from the new album: first up, a typical slab of Darkness self-mythology, complete with a heartfelt lyrical nod to LZ-fandom:


    And they've finally done a studio version of their awesome reading of Radiohead's 'Street Spirit' :thumbsup:


    More soon...

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