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  1. Hey Scratch,what's shakin',(besides my liver)!?

  2. I'm sorry Kash. I didn't mean to be so crass. I meant to say "Yoga is for VAGINAS". Please forgive my previous indescretion. ~666
  3. Well, my darling, I visited my parents for one night then spent the rest of my vacation alone at home; periodically visiting my priest's house for dinner and continuing to practice my austerities for Lord Shiva. So ... I didn't do much out of the ordinary. ~666
  4. Thor, dumbass. Jeez ... do I have to explain everything to people? ~666
  5. Appealing to my sympathy? How novel! Well ... shucks. OK. I'll be nice to such a pretty girl as you. How I can say no to someone so sweet and beautiful? ~666
  6. Are you trying to make me horny? Jeez Louise. !666
  7. As women are want to do. Don't complain. It's one of the reasons you were put on earth. Appreciate that you're a gift to the Home ... and to Mankind. ~666
  8. You know what works for me? Nakedness. Get naked. ~666 I mean YOU. Not ME. If I got naked it would terrify Mandalf. ~666
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