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  1. Hey Scratch,what's shakin',(besides my liver)!?

  2. Shit. I try my damndest to be entertaining and all you can say is that you're bored. I've written a couple of gems lately, for fucksake. THANKS KATCHOOKA. ~666
  3. *yawn* Past 11. Time for me too. G'night Mom. G'night Dad. 6am? try 4:30 Wusses. natch. ~666
  4. Also, it spawned a poem last night. I once thought I could only write well while I was drunk ... or least be inspired to write. But this is apparently not the case.
  5. Funny thing is that I don't get that way when I drink beer regularly. I haven't had any alcohol in over a month now ... and a friend told me that all the yoga I've been doing every morning is releasing emotions. I'm not doing this for health ... It's part of my sadhana. So ... I suppose I'm having to face things as they are without "medication". ~
  6. I can relate. I've been stressed for a bout a week now ... mostly depressed though. Very depressed. ~
  7. I don't think Leddy sympathizes. I guess he's too good for us. LEDDY. Mr. Perfect "I never have problems with women" Man. ~666
  8. No Rabia. I got a phone call. I would never ignore you. ~666
  9. Thanks for letting me know that I'm not THAT ugly and loserish. I can't believe that people ignore you. You probably just make people shy because you are so pretty and charming and junk. I wish I was pretty and charming like you. Maybe I wouldn't be so lonely. Girl's hate me. And all I want is for a pretty girl to be my friend. ~666
  10. I don't know why. You have it all! You're pretty and fashionable and smart and junk. If you ever feel bad, just think of how ugly and loserish I am. You'll automatically feel better. ~666
  11. Ok. I'd like that. Thanks for making me feel better. Even though you are just saying that to be nice ... because you pity me. ~666
  12. Sleepless in Seattle is good. I like that Titanic movie, too ... and You've Got Mail. Porky's has chicks in it too. I like that one. ~666
  13. Thank you. OK ... but I'm shy in front of pretty girls. So maybe we can listen to Buddy Holly in different rooms so you don't have to look at me ... and I won't be nervous in front of you. ~666
  14. Ok. *sniff* I like brownies. And movies with chicks in them. I watch them sometimes on the interweb late at night. ~666
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