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  1. That wasn't my opinion. I was simply saying that many people seem to feel that nothing after Led Zeppelin is of note. I happen to like most of his solo work
  2. Nice group of great musicians but I'm ready to hear the new music they're supposedly working on. Then I'll know if I really care or not. So far it's just been, "hey...look...I can do these songs I've done a million times in another way with new people." I went and saw a show and it was good in comparison to other things that are out there but wasn't anywhere close to me being able to say "the best show of my life" like some others have said. I guess I'm more in the camp of "there's a lot of talent on that stage so use it to do something"
  3. By early I meant that it wasn't the last show of the day and was over before their concerts in the states would have even started.
  4. I guess it's like on television where they film the shows prior but act as if its after then since it starts off with, "Robert, you must be ecstatic with the way things went tonight." The set was pretty early in the day so it isn't as if they couldn't have done it after, but doesn't matter either way I suppose.
  5. I'm going to say based on this interview given yesterday after the concert in Ireland that the "biography" is most definitely not an "access to Robert" type situation.
  6. Like I said earlier, that's kind of the point of hiring the PR team to handle things. He doesn't have to read any of the comments or worry about anything anyone says on there because he's paying people to take care of that for him. And I don't see his team going to him with these pointless tweets so, although I know he's intelligent and is probably aware that not every post is going to be filled with roses, he's not having to deal with any of it. I just think it's insane that when it's been said he's going to choose 10 to answer, anyone would assume that his time would be wasted considering their question about "snakes." Of course, I've also been baffled by the number of people that continue to ask him questions like he's still hanging at his computer
  7. It's been enlightening in the worst possible way. Oh well, guess all you can do is laugh at it and be thankful that you aren't related to any of these goobers
  8. Kayley, If you look in the news section under the Robert Plant twitter thread, I posted the questions and answers from yesterday. There hasn't been any indication at this time of future sessions and I'm not expecting Robert to handle it on his own anyway, otherwise there wouldn't have been a point to bringing in this team that has revamped everything. I doubt he sees anything other than the ones that he was sent by the team to choose from and then possibly similar formats in the future if he decides to do it again for whatever reason. In fact, yesterday on his newly revamped facebook page, a friend of his sister's posted something to the effect that she didn't mean to disappoint anyone but that all of these updates and changes were far beyond Robert's internet capabilities or interest and it was the team that was handling everything. I'm sure he answered the questions he chose to answer from the list, but I'm not expecting a lot of activity from him directly on any of it, although the pr team does seem to be posting in a way even on the facebook page that makes it sound like its coming directly from him. Again, the idea that he would take an entire day out to sit in front of a computer and answer questions when he could accomplish the exact same as he did by simply picking ten questions and texting or emailing his answers and never have to go in doesn't seem very realistic to me. Most people noted that the questions answered seemed to have been drawn from that first day in spite of them offering up the second day for taking questions. This may or may not be true, but if it is, it further supports my theory that it was more the fact that there were some kinks in getting everything ready for the roll out (which those following the twitter and other activity can attest to from yesterday) and so they needed some more time and less because they needed to get Robert in front of the computer so he could follow along with the conversation. Of course, before I thought it was because the quality of the first day's questions were so sad, so what do I know. Turns out they were genius in comparison to some of the others that came out the next day as well as some of the embarassing responses that people made once his answers actually started posting...not that I think he saw any of them, thankfully. Again, just my opinion though and while I was disappointed in the disrespect and idiocy of a lot of the people posting yesterday and the two days prior, I wasn't really surprised and, again, I doubt he saw any of it. That's kind of the point to hiring a big firm to take care of all of this. Of course, they promised he would answer 10 questions previously selected and there are still people every minute posting new questions to him even though the "Q&A" is over now so there's the intelligence we're dealing with...people assuming that he's got all the time in the world to answer the 20K questions going in on twitter. So, really long answer and semi rant just to really say, the questions and answers were posted on the other thread and you should be able to find them pretty easy. I think it was page 6
  9. You're welcome. I figured that would help with those who weren't able to get on there or had trouble finding their way. There were plenty who asked questions that I'm sure people would have considered the million dollar questions, but the truth is they said from the beginning that Robert was going to pick his top 10 and answer those and it would appear that he was given a list (minus most of the ridiculous questions I would assume) and grabbed ten relatively mundane questions and answered them. There weren't any follow up responses by Robert and I would also guess that he never saw any of the follow up comments to his responses (since I'm in high doubts that he actually sat there for five plus hours for this deal and still think he'd already submitted his responses and they had someone on the team type them up and submit them at designated times while they were getting other things uploaded on the various media sites). Of course, having read the multiple people who used the opportunity to respond to his comments with such gems as "Will you **** me?" and "I'll be of legal age soon, when can we meet?" I don't know that that arrangement was a bad idea.
  10. Question and Answer 1: Andrew Donaldson ‏@Andy_Donaldson76 Aug @ROBERTPLANT what is your favourite venue to have played in and why? #AskRP Robert Plant ‏@RobertPlant12h @Andy_Donaldson7 Filmore West, San Francisco Why? – a legendary home of most amazing pycheduelic bands from West Coast. -- RP Question and Answer 2: Kris ‏@SpaceOddity2304 6 Aug @RobertPlant what was your favourite moment or memory in your career? #AskRP Robert Plant ‏@RobertPlant11h @SpaceOddity2304 The release of my first record in 1966 --RP Question and Answer 3: Toni ‏@HammerofMaxwell6 Aug @RobertPlant Do you have any favorite modern bands? #AskRP Robert Plant ‏@RobertPlant11h @HammerofMaxwell Low, Black Angels --RP Question and Answer 4: Kathleen Pierson ‏@TrmpledUndrFoot6 Aug @RobertPlant What is your most favorite Led Zeppelin song to perform on your solo tour? #AskRP Robert Plant ‏@RobertPlant10h Hi, @TrmpledUndrFoot “What Is and What Should Never Be” --RP Question and Answer 5: Crispin Kott ‏@stuporfly6 Aug @RobertPlant Ever hear a song and think, "Damn, I wish I'd written that?" #AskRP Robert Plant ‏@RobertPlant10h Hey @stuporfly, “Hey Joe” --RP Question and Answer 6: michael scullion ‏@mickscullion16 Aug @RobertPlant Hi, Ultimately what are the things that keep driving you forward ?....thanks for it all #AskRP Robert Plant ‏@RobertPlant9h Hi @mickscullion1, “Unexpected adventures musically, emotionally and geographically” --RP Question and Answer 7: Ella Englishby ‏@glittertr4uma_6 Aug @RobertPlant If you didn't join Led Zeppelin, what everyday job would you be doing instead? #AskRP Robert Plant ‏@RobertPlant9h Hi @glittertr4uma_, Marriage Councellor --RP Question and Answer 8: Libbie Toler ‏@lktoler6 Aug @RobertPlant What is the last album you listened to completely? Robert Plant ‏@RobertPlant8h Hi @lktoler, Phosphorescent – “Muchacho” --RP Question and Answer 9: pisces iscariot ‏@BruiseVi0let6 Aug @RobertPlant best piece of advice for young songwriters? #AskRP Robert Plant ‏@RobertPlant8h Hey @BruiseVi0let, Keep mixing it up. Change key regularly. Try different guitar tunings --RP Question and Answer 10: Caroline Kmiecik ‏@carolinekmiecik6 Aug @RobertPlant Of all the concerts you've preformed, which concert has been the most memorable to you? #AskRP Robert Plant ‏@RobertPlant7h Hi @carolinekmiecik, Festival in the Desert, nr Timbuktu, Mali --RP
  11. Didn't really miss all that much. He picked pretty basic questions and I although the answer was kinda funny in his joking about the marriage counselor job, I kinda felt like that was a complete throw away question. His answers were short and although I don't doubt he was the one answering them, I don't believe he sat there for eight hours or whatever answering 10 questions. I figure they were answered long before they were put up on the site. I mean, call me a doubting Thomas, but the song he sends out just happens to be "What Is and What Should Never Be" which is the answer to his which song he best likes to perform question and they've been talking about this film he shot in Mali and that just happens to correlate to the last question he chose to answer... Overall I think it served its purpose to get people interested though and it's still nice that he agreed to do it, whatever the reality of the situation.
  12. lol toutpleindamour! clw, you just go to twitter and if you haven't set up an account where you clicked "follow" on his blog, just type Robert Plant into the search box and his page is the first thing that will pop up. It's really very simplistic. I think we sometimes make these things harder than they actually are because it seems like they should be.
  13. Just posted under the news section at robertplant.com ROBERTPLANT.COM RELAUNCHES WITH STUNNING NEW DESIGN AND MASSIVE CACHE OF EXCLUSIVE MATERIAL Extraordinary Multimedia Collection Includes Rare Artifacts And Never-before-seen Archival Content, As Well As Regular Updates From Plant’s World Travels Robert Plant is set to enter the world of social media via Twitter, Instagram, and Google Plus. The legendary artist will be active beginning on Thursday, August 8th – the same day his www.robertplant.com relaunchs with a new logo and an extraordinary array of multimedia and archival material. The first 25,000 fans to follow Plant on Twitter (@robertplant) will receive an exclusive free download of his current combo, Robert Plant Presents Sensational Space Shifters, performing the Led Zeppelin classic, “What Is and What Should Never Be,” live in concert from their acclaimed 2012/2013 world tour. The exceptionally redesigned www.robertplant.com features a user-friendly new interface that allows fans to easily navigate the latest news about Plant’s album releases, tour dates, and much more. The site also now offers a treasure trove of never-before-seen artifacts from Plant’s personal collection, spanning five epic decades of TV interviews, photographs, press clippings, set lists, tour laminates, posters, and music videos, as well as an in-depth discography and gigography. Moreover, the coming months will seewww.robertplant.com debuting regular multimedia updates from Plant’s voluminous archives, including an exclusive docu-series – shot by RP himself – chronicling his recent visit to Mali, set to premiere over 10 weekly installments later this year. As enlightening as it is engaging, the new www.robertplant.com offers yet another amazing journey for Plant’s countless fans around the world.
  14. I'll give you that the site looks impressive but are we sure this is a crackpot team he has working for him? I mean, even I know that isn't going to work. Also, when I was looking at the tours from the 2000's, there was no 2011 Band of Joy tour and no Raising Sand at all. They also identified pictures of Band of Joy as being Sensational Space Shifters. It's all just a little funny I'm sure when they get the kinks worked out it will be very nice. It is giving me a nice laugh while it goes though. Wonder when he'll actually get around to answering the questions?
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