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  1. Yes, beautiful smiles. They were elated. Anyone who thinks otherwise is not a very good judge of body language.
  2. How about buying yourself 3 pairs of men's Zeppelin boxer shorts for Christmas, even tho you're female? I've already worn a pair to walk the dog.
  3. Robert's always fierce. . .even when he's being perfectly charming.
  4. Just wanted to add that the rest of the band looked cool as hell too. Robert looked in even better shape than he did when I saw him with the Strange Sensation in Vegas and Virginia in '05, as long and cool as ever, and I loved loved loved his leather trousers. And Jonesy had the exact same sweet, slightly trippy smile he had back in the day. Jason...well he's still a baby, but it's great to see so much of his dad in him. In short...Zeppelin: born cool, cool throughout this life, and cool in all worlds to come.
  5. I didn't have a golden ticket, but I'm crying just reading everyone else's favorite moments! :'( Thanks for sharing them, all of you!
  6. So then why hasn't YouTube put all the footage back up? Insist that the tapes be reposted, Wanker Brothers! You can't stop the documenting of rock history!!!
  7. Oh, yeah. Just what we all want to see Jimmy wearing, an old dragon suit! Sort of like Elvis in his final years? So Jimmy's shirt came untucked while he was rocking the roof off the O2...WTF?? He still looked perfectly hip and as cool as ever! The cut of his jacket and trousers certainly didn't look senior citizen to me. I don't think you have much of a fashion sense. And as for "visceral reaction". . .Jimmy always gives me a visceral reaction!
  8. God in Heaven! I just enlarged that photo! [swooon!] Jimmy is the Platonic ideal of coolness!
  9. Interesting how Dick Hume tries to use his wife to impugn Zep's masculinity. He seems to be suffering some degree of anxiety about "cock rock" and all its "panting" fans. Hmmmmmm. Did his opinion piece run in the Times print version or simply in its on-line version? My read? He's nothing more than a well-paid troll.
  10. Did he actually kiss his guitar after the concert? I didn't see that. . .how sweet!
  11. I've been doing nothing since 12/10! C'mon everybody: If we imagine it, they will come!
  12. Yes, it should. Robert looks great. But why is Jessica Simpson there? Please don't tell me she's sharing the bill.
  13. Paris Hilton's dog was drunk and obnoxious and kept falling out of his seat.
  14. A noble effort, WildBill! Thanks for thinking of all us ticket-less souls!
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