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  1. A hundred thousand thanks, guys! You look fantastic, and from every clip I've heard, you sounded even better! Celebrate, enjoy your holidays, and then make some plans to come see us in the US! Thanks for making such beautiful music together!
  2. Jaysus! I passed out from drinking all afternoon and I've woken up in 1976!!! Flipping AMAZING sound...even on that crappy cell camera! I'm transported!!!
  3. Pleeeeze, somebody with some cell-phone bootleg, post a YouTube so I can sleep tonight! Bourbon alone is not gonna do it!
  4. http://www.gettyimages.com/Search/Search.a...ntId=78302354#1
  5. Yes, the site is melting down again. Thanks for posting the song list. And can I just say, Rock the freaking roof off, guys!!!!
  6. Good thinking! Ladies, please don't flash the guys until after the show! We don't want Jimmy breaking another finger! Afterwards, though, maybe one of you could throw your bra at him for me!
  7. Really sweet of you, Philosophical. Thanks! :'( [Lifts liter bottle of Jack Daniels to mouth, leans head back, and guzzles down entire bottle in best Jimmy Page-fashion.]
  8. Blow the roof off that Dome, Guys! And somebody who's there. . .pleeeeze. . . scream for me and all the rest of us that aren't!!!!
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