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    All things Zeppelin, of course. my family, i am
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  1. Having a bad day. looking at my beloved helps. he can do no wrong in my eyes.
  2. Those arms are looking all kinds of right in that photo! (first photo in SozoZoso's post)
  3. ^I can see why your breath was taken away WLL4LZ i'm sure those photos being life size made all the difference lucky you!
  4. ^ He takes my breath away and he's nowhere near me.
  5. ^^ yeah that's right shake it baby!
  6. ^^^^ Glad you're better SozoZoso! Btw thanks for that bulge shot.
  7. ^^those beautiful nail beds. *sigh* and when he's in deep thought. *Cue fainting spell in 3,2,1*
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