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    i like loud music,Rock,n,Roll.
  1. no one on this forum has any idea how to say Zeppelin....Zep-pelin...not...Zepp=elin...yes.....
  2. and Zepparella...are my fav tribute band them girls rock better than any other ive seen....well they have got the fab Gretchen Mann..
  3. Im here to waste my time with people on remarks made about my grammar. It is a civil question.and i expected civil answers off intelligent folks..................
  4. Song Remains The Same !!!!!!!!!!

  5. gRTEAT wIT Black Dawg,,,,,,No need to bee a smartares its not my faulrt i carnt use an keyBord ,, iT waz just a general qyestion...And aesthetically in my humble opinion Zepp looks far bytter......nuff sed.
  6. Since meeting people on facebook and pages on here for ZEPP fans and now here i can not help but notice the amount of people who say zep when it is quite obvious that it is Zepp...im not giving free english grammar lessons here its just an observation....so the question is to Zep or not to Zepp which are you.............
  7. nice find but i was taken aback there growing up as a mod with the who, beatles, kinks so on, then i got Zepped...and it all changed then i seen an interview with Mr Townsend saying he never liked anything Zeppelin did musically and they were so much bigger than us, but as people they are great...well i got rid of every who thing i owned and now think Mr Townsend's jealousy highly amusing....
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