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  1. That's if each and every one of the Jimmy Page books from Genesis Publications were not signed in the first place of course
  2. 1) We've heard a lot of your interest in the Aleister Crowley and the occult over the years but did you ever try to perform the Abrah-Melin ritual yourself?
  3. Thanks Deb's I totally agree, Jeff Beck uses a very similar style of vibrato showcased by Prince on that track. If sex could be personified then Prince is the man for the job eh!
  4. Well...if the Zeppelin is my favourite band, Prince is by far and away my favourite solo artist. The guy is an out and out genius whose output is so vast that you have to trawl through it very carefully in order to pick out the sporadic gems that appear within it all. I have seen him play live many, many times since the middle of the 80’s and he has never failed to fully entertain. In 2003 I went to see him the One Night Alone with Prince gig in Hammersmith, London and happened to be wearing an old Led Zep hoodie that evening which I wouldn’t normally have remembered for any reason in particular but can you imagine my surprise when he stormed through a rendition of Whole Lotta Love? A priceless memory
  5. Hi Steve, I'm new here but would like to get a message to you if at all possible? Please tell me how. Regards, Kane

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