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  1. Yes...THANK YOU for posting all of these amazing pics!!!
  2. I had to get caught up on a months worth of sexiness....YUMMMM!!!!
  3. It's OK...it's been a long time. No pun intended!
  4. Yes....I can only be online for so long. I get caught up on youtube a lot, that's my time-waster!
  5. Yeah...and people get caught up in life too. As I have been.
  6. One thing I have noticed...the board is not as busy as it used to be.
  7. Ohhhh yeah, I remember him to. You are the only one I recognize so far. I also remember Neo being a big contributor. The board is totally different looking too. I like it. When did Big Klu slip out of here?
  8. So much love!! Happy Valentines Day!
  9. Older siblings. I grew up listening to them, and other great bands. Zeppelin was a staple on the turntable in our household.
  10. Spaghetti with beef and mushrooms. Merlot.
  11. He is a blood pumper for sure....mmmmm hmmmmm
  12. Sunny and about 10 degrees. I'm just happy the sun is shining!!!
  13. Thanks...I am having issues trying to figure all this posting stuff out! ie..links and such. UGH...
  14. I just find it funny it's for Dior. I used to work for them.
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