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    classic rock, 6 & 12 string guitar,drums. there are of course many others, but they are irrelevant to this site.
  1. For LZ fans everywhere: Mazzy Star. All 3 albums released under that name. "She Hangs Brightly", "So Tonight That I Might See" & "Among My Swan". Hope Sandoval writes the lyrics & the music. she plays 6 & 12 string guitar & cello. and she sings. i guarantee that Led Zeppelin fans will appreciate it.
  2. 3 least favorite LZ songs: Hots on for nowhere, Hotdog, & Carouselambra. i am one of those irritating individuals who thinks that nearly everything after Physical Graffiti was substantially lesser to all which preceded it.
  3. i understand. i've just always known & referred to them as Led Zeppelin. perhaps "disrespectful" was a bit much. naturally, i do prefer "The Rolling Stones" to the simplified "the Stones".
  4. okay "stairway" apparently "disrespectful" is conceptually abstract to you. i apologize for offering my opinion in an opinion forum. i'll be careful to avoid offending you in any future responses to a question which seeks an opinion.
  5. i think that any shortening of the name "Led Zeppelin" is disrespectful to their memory. especially now with classic rock radio dj's saying Zep or Zeppelin. Led Zeppelin was their name for 12 years. let's not change it now.
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