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  1. For me it was because of my friend's brother. He was a guitar player in a band. In 1990 he finally got a CD player and made a tape of Led Zeppelin II for me. Until then I just new the basic radio staples, Whole Lotta Love/Heartbreaker/Stairway/Black Dog/etc. But they were just another band from the 70s. once I listened to that tape it was all over. I became hooked and an obsession was born. The Boxed Set came out right after that so I bought that, then some individual albums to fill in the gaps. I bought the other boxed set to complete the catalog. That friend makes fun of me
  2. I'm very skeptical of most things but I do have to wonder what all the publicity recently is about. I found this site when I went to www.led-zeppelin.com and immediately thought "Why come out with a great official site now? Why not a few years ago when How the West Was Won?". To me that was a bigger deal than the releases now because it was new and fresh. I read the story in our local paper over the weekend about the lead singer of The Cult saying he'd be back next year on a "special" tour. I also read that the band has said this was a one time thing. Personally I think they'll see
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