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  1. Dave Lewis didn’t write the liner note for BBC. Luis Rey did.
  2. geisha78

    1977 North American Tour - 40th Anniversary

    What about tonight? Anyone gonna bust out freezers tape?..
  3. geisha78

    Hoarding Live Zep. .

    12.27.68 - Seattle. Never 8.28.71 - New Orleans. Never 5.19.77 - Baton Rouge. Maybe one day
  4. geisha78

    31/8/69 - Best gig of '69

    I really think that 4,26,69 is just as good as the famous tea party show from January.
  5. geisha78

    Best Audience Recordings of 1970

    Tulsa, Memphis, Oakland, Boston and Honolulu are worth checking out IMO
  6. geisha78

    Favorite/Best version of Since I've Been Loving You

    Hmm. I've always felt the ones from the 1972 USA tour were the best. Most of the recordings from that tour aren't great but hot musically and I think SIBLY was at its peak here.
  7. geisha78

    New Mystery Soundboard?

    The second night in long beach was always my personal favourite 75 show (tied with 2/14). The third source just confirmed it for me.
  8. Landover feb 10 1975 new soundboard. Sound quality is excellent and it's a fine performance. The concert starts out a bit rough and sluggish, particularly the vocals, by the time they hit the solo in OTHAFA, they seem to be hitting all cylinders. Still a ways away from the level theyd hit the following month but I'd say this is one of the better/more consistent of the early 75 gigs. Shame the rarities were dropped by this long so we still don't have those songs from 75 in board or excellent audience quality.
  9. geisha78

    Landover 2/10/75

    It's up over at dime right now for anyone who doesn't have access to R.O