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  1. Thats not true. He had a push/pull pot and his selector switch in the middle position put #2 out of phase. As far as the other switches, youre right. That was after Zep.
  2. I played a Gibson Jimmy Page Signature. $13,900 Used. It was a Murphy aged. I had to act like I could afford it. I plugged it in to a bunch of tube amps. Vox AC, Marshall Super Lead, Orange, Fender... still could not get the tone from that song. I think he is using fuzz... or it's some recording engineer's secret. I have been able to duplicate Jimmy's tone on a bunch of songs, but not that one. I give up.
  3. http://wholelottaled.webs.com/guitars.htm I personally do not think Jimmy Page ever owned a 58 Les Paul. I think both his #1 and #2 were 59 Les Paul Bursts. I think this because when Gibson recreated both guitars in the 90's and then again in early 2000's, the specs matched up to a 1959 Les Paul. Not a 58. He used a Vox AC30 around that time(1969) among many other amps. I am using the same amp. But I can't get that same tone. It's very nerve racking. I have tried different tuning, several Gibson guitars, effects, and nothing sounds like that BBC recorded song. I will be shocked if someone
  4. I don't think he used effects on this song. Its pretty much just over driven guitar. I just want to know which guitar and amp. Can you post where you read this? Thanks!!!
  5. For Badge holders Only is the better performance of the two in my opinion. Listen to Jimmy jam on that guitar solo track... if you never heard this one...you should. If you would like to listen to this show, message me for the link. It's downloadable and free.
  6. Great pictures of the Silverdome. Now the Silverdome isn't even used for concerts or anything cool really. I think the WNBA plays there and monster truck rallies are big deals there. Why was Jimmy so skinny in these pictures? I think it starts with the letter H.
  7. Awesome concert! Ten Years Gone was the best... 3 guitar players with Page on lead. 2 Tele's and a 59 Les Paul.
  8. That Earl's Court version of Bron-Yr-Aur Stomp is the best live version in my opinion. That solo Jimmy throws in is incredible and very hard to play and master. Jimmy was only sloppy when he wanted to be sloppy. The H might have added to this...
  9. Great, happy, Zeppelin tune. Definitely a uplifting song. Jennings Farm Blues! Robert Plant must of really loved Strider....
  10. In my time of dying In the Light Bron-Yr-Aur Stomp Ten Years Gone Celebration Day Out on the Tiles Thank You Kashmir The Rover The Ocean Not in that order necessarily... This is actually pretty tough. It should be top 20 Zep songs.
  11. I couldn't agree more! Rock n Roll in general wouldn't exist without the guitar and tube amps.
  12. I wasn't really keen on " All my Love " Jimmy Page
  13. http://www.ledzeppelinguitar.com/concerts/live-at-fillmore-west-04-27-69.html Give this version a listen...
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