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  1. http://s182.photobuc...meandjimmyp.jpg I was looking at this a while back and I actually found her myspace page! It is real and I creepily saved some of the other pictures she had for future reference. This is Jimmy and her friend, Irene, a couple years earlier and another one with a friend I'm sorry I can't remember the girl in the photo's name; but I do know that she is a photographer
  2. This is the best thing I've ever seen!!!! and happy birthday
  3. may I add a few? this one always makes me laugh with Marianne Faithfull in 1965 1956!
  4. I got a Led Zeppelin clock made out of a TSRTS record, a "got page?" shirt, and an L.A. Forum from '77 bootleg on vinyl
  5. the second is my personal favorite <3___<3
  6. I'm thinking this is 1971 '73? the set of these photos outside of the studio, I'm thinking '76?
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