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  1. +1 on Achilles, but I think that the No Quarter from this show is fantastic.
  2. No Quarter 3/20/75, gonna watch Knebworth Night Two later.
  3. I listened to the 6th source, and it did sound like shit compared to the other five sources. Also, to keep focus on the thread, currently spacing out to the Harmonizer/Theremin/Pickup/Violin Bow Solo 6/27/77.
  4. White Summer/Black Mountain Side~Kashmir 7/7/1980
  5. Two for two. Currently watching the footage of 7/17/77 and later I'm gonna listen to 7/17/73.
  6. AUD or SBD remaster? Also, currently listening to 6/24/80.
  7. I'm listening to 6/23/80, what's this "For Badge Holders Only"? (lol j/k that was my first boot.)
  8. Also listening to 6/21/77! 35th anniversary after all! Currently in the middle of the Theremin section of Jimmy's solo. It's awesome aside from the butthurt guy in the audience.
  9. Since I've Been Loving You 9/19/1970 (evening show)
  10. Nice, didn't think any photos other than that far away shot even existed.
  11. Black Country Woman~Bron-Yr-Aur Stomp 6/10/77
  12. What's the best release of 1/22/73? Every version I check out, Robert is nearly inaudible. Is there a release with more balance?
  13. All I really want from Jimmy at this point is a DVD of Pontiac, or something (anything!) from '77 to be officially released. After all the big deal that was made about the DVD and HtWWW, I don't understand why he wouldn't think "hey, there's a lot of demand for LZ concert albums, I should put out some more!"
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