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  1. ally, after watching the Canucks I am wondering if they can win with two Sedin`s and would be better off with just one....I am not trying to pile on them and I know they are point-getters but i am wondering if they would be better trading one for a tough semi-scoring forward (if out there)....what are your thoughts.....
  2. Montreal mailed that game in! Brutal!.....I find it tough watching that Chicago/Minnie series but may try shortly.....
  3. Rick, what is your prediction on the Islanders/Penguins series....Vokoun in Penguin net tonight...they may be desperate.....great hockey all around.....Ottawa/Montreal will be interesting tonight too...there is a major hate on in that series now...did not see that coming..
  4. Great photo.....sorry if this has been posted before......could not find....ciao Fishy
  5. A high school buddy wrote one of these in my yearbook in early 80;s.....maybe i will scan it for fun....ciao
  6. Now that is funny ally! I have to send it to some of my Canucklehead friends.....but I am soon be hearing the "Golf Leafs Golf" chant possibly......sorry to see Vancouver ousted....not sure what the problem is?
  7. In my opinion it is a great read clw.....I LOVED IT!....Let us know what you think of it too...ciao Fishy
  8. lol!!!..Spinal Tap is a great movie! Every band should see it...Hey Res did you ever see "A Mighty Wind"?...cheers Fishy
  9. My experiences have always been that the lead singer always got the girl... As a guitar player I just had guys talking to me after a gig................................... about music! lol, "not that there is anything wrong with that"......
  10. You should contact Steve A Jones, forum member....he has a lot of knowledge and maybe able to add more to the conversation...cheers Fishy
  11. I have a book that credits "Michael Ochs Archives".......?
  12. have fun around here! cheers, Fishy
  13. I think after "do-it" there is a funky climb into the Jimi Hendrixy' E7th or E9th if I recall.....been a while... maybe it's been mentioned elsewhere around here, but the live D&C part where they go to the Em and C chords of.."if you going to SanFrancisco..." is probably what got them to eventually write the breakdowns in Achilles Last stand....just my theory....I don;t think they have ever said it but it makes sense......ciao Fishy
  14. fishhead


    Love looking out the window of an airplane at any height!......Getting off/on a ladder on a first or second story roof makes me want to call in a helicopter and take me away in a bucket rather than have to take that first step on/off the ladder.
  15. fishhead

    Golf Talk

    Wow. I'm gonna google this and take a look......If a ball hits a basket and goes in they won;t be complaining lol....ciao Fishy
  16. 3 for 3! Nice Picks Rick...I hope you put real dollars on this!
  17. http://www2.gibson.com/News-Lifestyle/Features/en-us/10-Les-Paul-Stars-of-the-1960s.aspx
  18. thanks for the clarification LD!.....tough to stay current on all things happening...cheers
  19. no problem,,,I love seeing/hearing people take up the guitar...send me any questions you have and I will try to steer you in the right direction...see ya
  20. MP...here are a couple of bits of advice I can offer....1)if you have not done so already, practice until the tips of your fingers start to hurt. Then stop until the next day. This will help to build up the callus on your finger tips that will make playing that much more enjoyable. 2) Scales are great. Keep playing those to strengthen and learn the positions along the neck. 3) As far as chords/strumming, sing with yourself when you play as much as possible. Even if you don;t sing, hum at least while you play chords to a song of your choice. This will help you to develop a sense of "time" 4) Play with as many other guitar players as you possibly can. You will learn so much from face to face playing. If this is a tough one, check out some of the youtube lessons etc. 5) Listen to all kinds of guitar music. Especially the various strumming patterns...ie. blues, country, reggae, rock, folk... 6) Try to learn songs now that you are capable of as a beginner and that you really like. It will be more enjoyable. "The Clap" by Steve Howe/Yes can wait....."The River"/Springsteen is a good one to start off with because of the various chords that are used in the song and it is relatively easy to play even slower than it is...just a suggestion...there are a ton of tunes out there..... ciao Fishy
  21. Good one Res!....Did that take a while to type correctly?..ciao Fishy
  22. ally, no need for clarification for me, I was trying to fortify the first part of what your thoughts were when you talked about "teenagers are pretty much the same as they always have been".....I agree!....I was just trying to add that as adults, some of us forget where we've come from, and that our middle-late aged brains/decision making have always been there for us even when we were teens. But I think a lot of adults have either forgotten or don;t admit to the f-ups of their past. Hence the "selective memory".....ciao Fishy
  23. A nice photo of Pat Bonham (and grand-daughter)posted by Jason today on FB.....
  24. I think we as adults really forget what we were really like when we were teenagers...."Selective memory" possibly lolI heard some scientists on the radio talking about the teenage brain develoement and it basically reiterated this.... ... "It;s sort of unfair to expect teens to have adult levels of organizational skills or decision-making before their brains are finished being built......The frontal lobe is often called the CEO, or the executive of the brain. It's involved in things like planning and strategizing and organizing, initiating attention and stopping and starting and shifting attention. It's a part of the brain that most separates man from beast, if you will......I think that [in the teen years, this] part of the brain that is helping organization, planning and strategizing is not done being built yet ... [it's] not that the teens are stupid or incapable of [things]. It's sort of unfair to expect them to have adult levels of organizational skills or decision making before their brain is finished being built". ... The teens that do get into trouble or don't live up to an adults expectations, may be incapable at this point in their life. However, I've had interaction with a lot of teenagers either in recreation or in the classroom, and I think for the most part they are great! Yeah, there is a percentage that screw up and grab the headlines, but take a look behind that stuff and you'll find some teens really doing good stuff for themselves and others....
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