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  1. 9/29/071 is an awesome version. And 5/3/71 is great. The version of Four Sticks is mind altering too.
  2. Wild. It does sound like a movie,actually. Sort of like "When Harry Met Sally" The same thing happened to me..almost word for word,Empire. Long story short,I reunited with a girl I've known on since I literally was an infant. I'd had a crush on her since I was 9 or so. She always had a boyfriend and eventually gotten married. I was devastated to say the least. I found her one day on Classmates.com and contacted her thru the Net after not having seen or spoken to her in 17 yrs. It turns out she was looking for me through Classmates and even had written me 2 yrs prior but the email ne
  3. Ditto to Steve's comment. Interesting comments and quite plausible. What makes you certain that St Tristan's Sword morphed in to No Quarter and what happened to the Starcycle/Lost in Space jam ? I should say,what makes you think St Tristan's Sword morphed in to No Quarter ?
  4. Sure, I've noticed discrepancies in the books out there;including Dave's. However,I'm perplexed as to why he would insert 2 specific song titles in his book and attribute them to the fourth album. I mean,those titles apparently are not random and must have come from somewhere. Dave is not beyond making a mistake and it does seem odd that his is the ONLY reference to these supposed "lost" tracks. But I'm thinking that there may be something worth pursuing. "St. Tristan's Sword" certainly seems like a Plant written title to me. Also hoping our interview project sees the light of day som
  5. I'm inclined to believe it may be wishful thinking too. But it coming from Dave and in print leads me to think there may be more to it. Lost in Space sounds like it ould have been a working title for a track that was later discarded or re-titled. But now that I think of it,I seem to recall a quote from Robert about "Lost in Space" too. I'll have to check my notes. Or we could just contact Dave and ask him about it. The game is afoot ! BTW,Steve; Would you be the same Steve Jones who's been compiling the comprehensive Interview set with Nech and I ? Or is that another Steve Jones ?
  6. Steve/Evster, Sorry I can't provide any more than that both tracks were mentioned in one of Dave Lewis' books.-which is what prompted my question. IIRC,Mr Lewis states matter of factly that these tracks were recorded. Zero mention of them before or since. I don't get the impression Lost in Space was mentioned as a joke but I could be mistaken. I'm quite certain they're both mentioned in Dave's last book. Quite an enigma,fellas. Wish I could provide more info. The game is afoot !
  7. What ever became of the 2 unreleased tracks from IV ? "Lost in Space" and "St. Tristan's Sword" ?
  8. Yep.Richard Cole was there ( as Steve Z's photo will demonstrate ). He sat right in front of us at the concert and was hanging out in the VIP area after the concert. I stood 5' behind him in line and he was in the VIP area the whole night ( mostly on his cell phone ). My buddy that I attended the concert with also has a photo with Richard.
  9. Here t'is http://s169.photobucket.com/albums/u219/fs...nt=e7749dcb.flv
  10. I'll be arriving on the 9th @ Heathrow on Virgin Atlantic 0040 from Chicago. Live in Philly but flying from Chicago. Staying in the Docklands area Marriott.
  11. I've been to the Physical Graf building a few times. I've also stood on the spot where the actual Hindenburg exploded in Lakehurst,NJ. Also been to MSG Our site documents some of the venues where they played over the years. http://www.oldbuckeye.com/Houses_of_the_Holy/
  12. Yes,Slush is Rain Song. However, there are 2 previously unheard tracks recorded during the fourth album; St. Tristan's Sword and Lost in Space
  13. I'll be at the screening in Naperville,Illinois at 8pm. And I'll be at the London show on Dec 10th.
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