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  1. Robert Electric Lady Studio 1969
  2. This appears to be an outtake from TSRTS....when Robert is emerging from the cave during Rain Song. But its too dark and too odd to say for sure.
  3. Hi folks, Here's a link to all of the interviews I currently have. http://www.mediafire.com/?v4iocldzxz686 Someone reported that a few of the files are corrupted. If this is the case,please let me know and I can upload uncorrupted versions. Enjoy! Frank
  4. There was a Zep online discussion mail list called Digital Graffiti that I first became aware of in 1994. It still exists today as For Badgeholders Only. What a discovery! And how cool was it to be able to talk about Zeppelin with other fans from all over the globe! Its a great source for Zep information with a lot of friendly and informed members
  5. This photo is part of a series if photo stills taken from video before the show. I do not have this material. However,it's clear to see that this an other photos from the same pre- concert setting have the same visual quality as being from film. See my STILLS album on Picasa for further proof.
  6. I thought those drums looked to be from Sydney also. This is part of various pre-concert 8mm clips,I believe.
  7. Thanks. We'll be glad to see it when you find it.
  8. To be clear, I had read a detailed account on Royal-Orleans.com that a member there posted. It could simply be forwarding misinformation. However,the account seemed detailed enough to be plausible. One other aspect that makes the filming possible was the much-rumored 1970 band documentary coinciding with this time frame. So its speculation,conjecture and optimism based on this one account from years ago.
  9. These are good...especially that last one that I've never seen.Thanks. I'll check to see if I have any but I believe you've posted all photos from this setting....to my knowledge anyway.
  10. Hi MSG, The radio interview collection would be well received, I believe. Its odd that it has not already been done in the past. The Wolfman Jack/Robert interview is classic for the reasons you point out: the confusion, the innuendoes capture what I imagine the 70's with Led Zeppelin to be like.Its essential listening for any fan. I'm not certain if Bonzo was present in the studio at the time or not.That's worth listening to again to hear if he was there. The Muni / Page 77 is the first radio interview I'd heard that started this collection. I will send you a link to download
  11. Sam and Steve, Thanks for the information. Lets hope the rest of this interview/promo turns up. Regards, Frank
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