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  1. Lets post photos of the band making the music in the studio.
  2. Would there be any interest from the fans here to hear a bunch of Led Zeppelin radio interviews? Years ago,Steve Jones and I gathered and traded interviews of the band with the hope of capturing and chronicling the spoken words of Led Zeppelin. If I recall correctly,back then,the intent was to gather every existing interview given by the band as a group and as individuals between 1969-1980.( My favorite being Robert with Wolfman Jack in LA 1973). The project expanded to include post Zeppelin solo career interviews up to a 2007 JPJ radio interview to total an estimated 200+ interviews.
  3. Regarding the US TV performances,I seem to recall a planned event for 1975 where the band were to perform at a train station in Europe with the intent on broadcasting via satellite back to theaters in the States. I believe Mr Grant vetoed it based on the limitations of the technology at the time. Pity they didn't still do the concert though. It would have been great to have seen Zep on Ed Sullivan or some similar show...even for an acoustic set.
  4. Great work Mike.This is definitely BBC 3/69. So these two photos dispel the "no camera" policy then. Bonzo is wearing the same sweater in an "in studio"shot wearing headphones. One can presume that photo is from the same BBC session from 3/3/69. There are others photos of the band members in studio but I've yet to locate them in my collection to do a comparison against your documented photo.
  5. ** correction...."why no pics appear".....not boneless...stupid phone.**
  6. I've done a nit of research on the topic recently.It seems the BBC had a "no camera" policy for concerts which may explain why boneless appear. However,I do find it difficult to believe that not a single photo was taken over the course of the band's appearences at Tlthe BBC. At the very least,you would expect to see backstage,post and pre concert shots. So lets hope this means there's a treasure trove of BBC pictures stashed away waiting to be discovered.
  7. The man closest to Robert looks like B.P. Fallon. Don't know who the other folks are.
  8. I read a caption on this photo saying it was a film/photo session taken at Robert's home in 1969. Not certain if this is accurate or not. I hope it is from a documentary.
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