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  1. As long as it's not a duet with Rihanna and rappers like Macca did, he can release whatever he wants!
  2. That review is posted on the forum somewhere. I've read it. What a dumbass. Bonham? Lack of skill? Weird seeing those words together with the word Bonham on the same sentence.
  3. Wow! That picture of Pete Thownshend with JPJ is a first. We've all heard the stories from Pete regarding LZ, must've been a fun day for him!
  4. Led Zeppelin can't tour because Bonzo isn't with us anymore. He hasn't been for quite a while now actually, for those who haven't noticed. Jason is one heck of a drummer, not saying otherwise, but he's not Bonzo, it was those four guys, that's why they won't tour. Plus, I've always felt like for Robert to tour as LZ would bring him some bad memories. There's too much pain in the past to even think about revisiting. Jimmy is doing something. LZ has always been his band, his thing, everything he does is zeppelin related, it's not like he just sits at home and drinks tea all day. He is a working
  5. You try keeping up with your health with every night!
  6. Once the CD gets riped into a computer it looses it's life. That being said, I listen everyday to music from my computer and phone, but even compared to the sound that CDs have, the music just doesn't breathe. The only true way to listen to a band from the 50's - 90's is to just listen through Vinyl.
  7. Honestly, I see no point in having a "reunion" without Bonzo. It's like Grant says. It was those four guys that made the group and nobody else. Zeppelin's legacy is perfect as it is. If Jimmy wants some activity, I doubt he'll get a hard time trying to find people to play with. He could have done what Jeff Beck has been doing for years, but he hasn't so it's his own damn fault. Plant is right on this.
  8. Probably my two favorite bands ever, but I understand why nobody in the industry likes Zeppelin. They were just the epitome of the 70's, the epitome of rock n roll success and it would be impossible for bands, even like the Stones to produce live what Zeppelin produced. I think nobody likes them because everything about those 10 years and that band were so perfect that it's impossible to be repeated.
  9. Sounds like the who. I like it.
  10. Wasn't San Diego 1977 the night that Bonzo couldn't keep the rythmn and had to slow down every song?
  11. Not to be an assh*le but Great White was probably the worst live show I've ever been to. The vocalist had some problems with his voice and he kept smoking instead of drinking water. Their guitar rig had a lot of technical issues. It made the show feel like a warm up when it was actually one of the last dates of the tour. They were terrible.
  12. I absolutely love the 1975 American Tour. Dazed was crazy! I just think they should have used more material from the new album. Songs like The Rover, The Wanton Song, Ten Years Gone are the first few that come to mind. And maybe incorporate some material they had never done before on stage. They should have kept When The Levee Breaks on the set. That song is so cool and got such a reaction from the audience, I think playing it early on the concerts would have set the tone for the rest of the night.
  13. I actually think the 1977 tour was better than the 1975 US Tour. There were always special moments one each tour that will leave us with the normal discussion on wich year it was better. Every time Zeppelin played in LA they rocked the place. I really like 1980 tour. My only problem with it is Page's guitar sound. Too muffy and normally you can't understand what's going on and what he's doing, be overall I like every show.
  14. I agree completely. It's weird to listen to III during the winter. II and HOTH are summer albums. Same with PG, just reminds you of a sunny day with nothing better to do than listen to Led Zepp.
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