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  1. As long as it's not a duet with Rihanna and rappers like Macca did, he can release whatever he wants!
  2. That review is posted on the forum somewhere. I've read it. What a dumbass. Bonham? Lack of skill? Weird seeing those words together with the word Bonham on the same sentence.
  3. Wow! That picture of Pete Thownshend with JPJ is a first. We've all heard the stories from Pete regarding LZ, must've been a fun day for him!
  4. I actually think the 1977 tour was better than the 1975 US Tour. There were always special moments one each tour that will leave us with the normal discussion on wich year it was better. Every time Zeppelin played in LA they rocked the place. I really like 1980 tour. My only problem with it is Page's guitar sound. Too muffy and normally you can't understand what's going on and what he's doing, be overall I like every show.
  5. How does a band as big a Zeppelin get such bad reviews when clearly everybody likes them and they are one of the biggest selling bands?
  6. It is real, I remember at a Beatles forum there was some debate, but Lennon and George knew who Jimmy was, that's why they refered to it as Jimmy Page's new album. I like the part were he goes "and the kid Bonham on the drums" hahaha!
  7. Do you think Zeppelin's pulling more money than the Beatles right now?
  8. You see, this is what I don't get about that guitar. A few years ago Gibson released a custom shop of the guitar from the three pictures available from the BB sessions. They called it a 1960. But, on a first glance it does look like a '59. I'd say the dead give away would be the volume and tone knobs. They're not '60 knobs. Plus, the headstock on the bursts produced in 1960 are a tad smaller than those from '59, even a bit more round and fat. It doesn't look like the 1960 headstock either. There's a burst base with tons of pictures, and on of the pictures that stood out was this burst from '60 that had white pafs on the neck, and people at the mylespaul forum were just going crazy saying it was the beano burst. I'm not saying you're wrong, but I'm not saying you're right either. I've never seen a '59 or a '58 for that matter, with White PAFs on the neck. I think Gibson screwed up with the date of the guitar, but it still didn't stop people from spending 20.000 quid on it.
  9. Intriguing indeed. Some say it might never have existed, or it's just the other burst eric had that was misinterpreted for another.
  10. There's a 7 page thread over there I spent a whole afternoon reading it! And apparently we were both wrong, I just found out via Gibson website it was a '60 burst. I knew it wasn't a '59 I just wasn't sure weather it was a '58 or a '60.
  11. Oh ok, but I'm still almost positive the the Beano Paul is a '58. The Richards Burst was even used by Page, Keef later gave it to Mick Taylor and I think it's still in his posession.
  12. There are a million stories around the beano paul. Nobody knows where the guitar is, but I can garantee you that it's no Page's, the Beano, at least from the 2 photos available, seems to be a '58, and JP's #1 is a '59. There's also a rumour that the les paul that was used on that specific album isn't the les paul we reckon Clapton used on it. Frankly, Clapton was on so many drugs at the time, he even said it's impossible to pin the guitar, or it's specifics down because he used a lot of guitars during a small period of time. Clapton is very confused when it comes to his gear. The beano paul was supposadly nicked in Greece when Cream were doing a tour there, hence the change to the SG, but Clapton already stated he's not sure if that was the one he used on the Beano album because he had two at the time. When Eric was asked bout the Lucy Les Paul that he gave to Harrison when the Beatles were recording the white album, he said he came back from the States with that Les Paul but he already had one so he gave it to Harrison, that sort of prooves the theory that he infact had another one, but not two, as he changed to SG's in late '67 and the White Album was being recorded throughout 1968. I also heard the story that Eric knows the guy who has it, but won't do anything. He sold Brownie and his ES-335, why would he care about a Les Paul he used on one record. It wasn't a special guitar to him, probably asked for a roadie to go get a guitar that sort of stayed in tune and wasn't very expensive. I mean, if he let the truth out, how would gibson capitalize on the Beano Les Paul? There's that too.
  13. There are backstage photos for the 1980 tour? Please, do post!!
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