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  1. Hi all,just wondering is anyone heading to the Whole Lotta Love show Sept 5 at the State Theatre
  2. Cheers,great to see a few Aussies about
  3. Thats me on the right with my new t shirt taken on the out skirts of Canberra at a little village called Tharwa
  4. True legend from another legendry band,RIP Mr Jon Lord.
  5. Happy Mothers Day to all you mums
  6. Graham's certainly gone well all right.hope he gets to the end,best of luck to him
  7. sorry to tell you,your not a day to early but a couple of months, anyway hope all mums have a great day mothers day or not
  8. for such a diverse range of weather,8 years of drought 2 years of floods
  9. rain,rain,rain,and rain and more rain and more rain coming
  10. hard to beat those one armed bandits eh,had a long weekend went camping,watersking down at Nelligen,had a mixed bag weather wise,good weekend all the same.
  11. I love a sunburnt country A land of sweeping plains Of ragged mountain ranges Of drought and flooding rains I love her far horizons I love her jewel sea Her beauty and her terror The wide brown land for me
  12. Thanks, hope you have a great day don't know whats happened to this global warming,hasn't been much of a summer.
  13. Which fella is he,we'll keep a eye ott for him
  14. Gotta be The ocean for me followed by Dancing Days,the rest are only a bees fart behind.
  15. What about The Castle,Troy Dann,Russell Coights Outback Adventures,Cath and Kim,The Sullivans
  16. Changes over time,used to listen to In My Time Of Dying,Kashmir non stop but I think i'd vote for The Rover at the moment followed by In The Light.
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