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  1. I don't think the type of strings you use are going to make a difference in how well you play the song. Plus I don't think Earthwoods were manufactured until 1972.
  2. I can't agree with Conor Oberst or Devendra Banhart. Their voices are an important characteristic of their music. They're part of an artistic whole, not just thrown in to add a human voice to organized sound. I personally love their voices.
  3. Not sure if they've been mentioned, but bands everyone should get into: Radiohead The Warlocks Dead Weather The Telescopes Wolf Parade Swan Lake Sunset Rubdown The Black Keys The Black Lips Grizzly Bear Sparklehorse Songs: Ohia Spiritualized And then there's a ton of others I can't quite remember at the moment. Those are all top bands in my book though.
  4. I don't know if this is a mystery or not, but I was reading this thread earlier and I've enjoyed it thus far... My mystery may not be one at all, but I was just wondering.. Steve (or anyone, really): Do you know when/how the Atlantic Records 40th Anniversary reunion came about? Were they asked to do a set or had they been rehearsing beforehand? How long had they rehearsed before the show? When did they choose Jason? Was he 1st pick? How did they all feel about the performance? Personally I hold this set high on my list of live recordings solely because it was my introduction to Led Zeppelin live. I found a tape in my dad's collection labeled "ATL REC 40th Anniv - Led Zep Reunion." I had just recently gotten into them, so I played the tape and really enjoyed it... I still think the performance is awesome and better than Live Aid for sure... I remember hearing Plant's band introductions the first time and thinking, "who the hell is 'Jason Barnum' and why did he replace John Bonham?" that was during my ignorant times of course... Any details on the conception/discussion of this particular reunion would be very cool to see/read and I give thanks in advance for any and all answers provided...
  5. Death Don't Have No Mercy - Grateful Dead (from their DeadLive album)... Good stuff
  6. This is really cool. Thanks for sharing it!
  7. Whoever mentioned YTIGC might be thinking of Thank You, which was definitely played that night... I wonder where that recording is? As far as I know, at least some of it was recorded since there's a little piece of the organ solo intro that loops on one of the sub-menus of the DVD (and it sounds quite promising) with some kind of video clip of Jones at the organ...
  8. After giving the show another listen (10-10-69), i agree with you... "controlled chaos" is the perfect word for it. Plant's voice is great. I will always hold RAH over any other bootleg though: I've gotten used to it, and I think everything blends so well... And that restraint that you mentioned is a big key in why it's so great to me... I've always had a "thing" for '75... Especially the Earl's Court run in May (i wonder what's keeping page from releasing at least a mixture of the best of those shows -- perhaps no multitracks, but i doubt that -- that'd make a nice box set) and a bunch of shows earlier in the tour... There's some kind magic about that tour... I've always enjoyed listening to it...
  9. Do you mean 10-12-69 London? Or do you mean 10-10-69 Paris, the new FM source? I heard that (10-10) and I don't think it was as strong a performance as RAH... I mean, you can hear some of the jams they built up to in 1970 but hadn't quite set in stone just yet, like in HMMT... But a lot of it was sloppy... True, it's a fresh source and the guitar solos are crisp, clean and sweet and the band really grooves... But, in my opinion they just don't reach the heights they would the next year... Just my opinion... However, I do agree with you on 9-19-70... That was another great show... For me, I think 1970 is my favorite year because they were still knee-deep in the blues and doing it damned well... They hadn't yet crossed into rock territory like they would in 1971 and on... At least that's how I see (hear) it...
  10. Is it just me or was the band really "on" for this show? It was probably because of the cameras, but still, I don't believe I've heard any other show was performed so well... It might just be my ears... All the songs are run through pretty smoothly... Every jam seems to go in the right direction (Dazed & Confused, HMMT, etc.)... I Can't Quit You Baby? Come on. How could that song get any better? Moby Dick is simply incredible... How Many More Times is my absolute most favorite version ever performed/recorded... And how can you not love those Cochran covers? I'm glad we've got the video footage of this show released officially, if nothing else. I wish Heartbreaker was included, however... And what ever happened to SIBLY? I'm pretty sure it was played that night... Must've been the 2nd or 3rd performance? I know it's been discussed since 2003 but it's been one of my favorites since all that existed was that muddy ol' soundboard... So what do you guys think of it?
  11. Bob Dylan is my favorite musician and lyricist. And he's probably one of the very few "celebrities" I'd actually like to meet (dead or alive). There's something about the rawness of his voice and the attitude with which he delivers each song to make them all unique that drags me in. And his lyrics keep my mind wandering for days... He's just "cool," in the simplest definitions of the word... I think the thing I like most about him is whenever someone tries to "type" him, group him, analyze him or label him he does his best (or his worst) to become the exact opposite of that...
  12. Yes, right here. I'm a Who fan. I saw them in August of '04 at the Hollywood Bowl. It was the greatest show I've ever seen, and I've seen plenty. On the way home from that show I finally listened to the Tommy album in it's entirety and I feel in love with that band. Pete Townshend is a true musical genius. I think only Dylan, McCartney and Lennon are better songwriters than him. I've collected all of the Who's albums from the Who Sing My Generation to Who Are You (anything after Keith Moon's passing doesn't count)... Quadrophenia is one of my favorites, as is A Quick One and Who's Next. But Tommy will always be one of my favorites for personal reasons... I hope everyone gets a chance to listen to and dig the Who, if only for a while. I suggest watching the Kids Are Alright and then Amazing Journey. Two great documentaries.
  13. I finished reading a lot of Jack Kerouac's books... Also John Steinbeck (one of my favorite authors next to Kerouac)... I've most recently been reading poems by Arthur Rimbaud and I'm probably going to start reading A Clockwork Orange by Anthony Burgess as soon as I can get a copy of it. I've seen the movie (but I lost my DVD of it... probably lent it out to someone), but I've recently read the first few pages of the book and it looks very interesting.
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