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  1. Happy Belated Birthday Ally So sorry I missed you! A very Happy Birthday today to aen27 Hope you have a great one
  2. Thank you all very much!! It was a really good one. I got a couple of bits of film from TSRTS, not sure exactly what they are must be someones copy of the movie? either way pretty cool and Chris Welch's The Story Behind Every Led Zeppelin Song so yeah a good day
  3. +1 This was a standout one for me as well.
  4. ^^ Me too! Are we sure it isn't?
  5. You're welcome Haha you got it! Aww thanks aen! And I love love love this one! That smile
  6. Thanks! I'm with you there This one Here's the rest of that one It's from one of his On This Day's. It said: 15 DEC 2010 I SAW GOGOL BORDELLO AT THE HMV FORUM I had seen the vibrant Gogol Bordello a number of times, and Eugene Hütz and his merry band of men and women whip up some serious energy at their shows. It’s always a pleasure to see Liz Sun.
  7. Haha thank you! I found those this morning....imagine that seeing that second one first thing when you wake up! It was a good day
  8. Thank you! I do too; worshipping Jimmy is so much better with friends Haha! Aww Nic you're my little weirdo Thank you
  9. Thank you both very much! I'm happy to be back and oh yeah to the last one
  10. Me too! I know, it's such high quality! Aww and I know that's your favourite outift Thanks for telling me about the magazine. Here's the magazine I'm after at the moment
  11. Love these Kenog and Cookie! Thank you for posting +1 Surely it's better to only have just one thread for the events he attends than loads of them all the time. Well done Cookie. I hope it stays too
  12. Haha! You must have been missing me
  13. ooo never seen this mag! Is it Canadian then? Just lookin at the at the address label. Very cool Weyhey I like this one! OMFG! These are amazing!! Such good quality and I love the first one! Thank you for posting these!!
  14. ^^ Hey Deb I have that one too! Mines real beat up but you should take care of that one for sure! According to Record Collector it's worth an absolute fortune so that's a great one to have be mint
  15. Hey age ain't nothin but a number! And thank you!
  16. Me too! I love the shirt he has with it as well Oh yeah! I saw that thread, but never read it yet. He looks gorgeous in black, but this was a nice change. Looks so cosy too
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