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  1. What a perfect show last night at Pori Jazz Festival! It is been TEN YEARS since Robert last performed in Finland. That is a loooong time. Well anyway, I am so happy that he finally came back here. I was in the front row and that was just wonderful. I tried to take some pictures with my cell phone but I could not get any good ones. So I decided to enjoy the music instead of photographing. Robert and The Sensational Space Shifters really rocked that place! The crowd went crazy when he walked to the stage. I loved every moment of the show. It was totally different than in 2013 when I saw him performing in London at the BluesFest. This time he played more Led Zeppelin songs. Of course those classic songs were fantastic (WLL, Rock and Roll, Dazed, Black Dog) but my favourites were Trampled Under Foot, The Wanton Song and The Lemon Song. You just do not hear those song that often live. I was wondering that is Robert playing those two songs from Physical Graffiti because it happens to be the 40th anniversary of that album? Maybe somebody has already mentioned about this. I find it great that those songs seems to be included in his setlist. There was basically one "acoustic" song which was The Rain Song - I was pinching myself because I was thinking "Wow is this really happening...?" That was such a magical moment. So he was energetic and the band was amazing. It was also cool that he played three songs from the new album. Little Maggie worked very well! He chatted with the audience a little bit. He was asking the crowd something like that do you like bananas...oranges... or lemons and then they played The Lemon Song. During the encore, some drunken man somehow got pass the security and tried to run near the stage but luckily he was stopped before he did anything stupid. Such a bummer that man had to go there because it kind of ruined the mood for a second. But all in all, it was such great time last night and I wish that Robert would come here back again SOON Here is the setlist.
  2. I have been listening to this new album several times and I find it very special. "House of Love" is my favourite track at the moment. I am just amazed by that instrumental part (it starts from 2:39)... wow!! The lyrics in "Pocketful of Golden" are very emotional and personal... I love the fact that Robert has written plenty of new songs and he also tells a lot about his life journey and other personal stuff in the lyrics. The previous two albums were mainly cover songs so this is refreshing! He really seems to be enjoying making music with the Sensational Space Shifters.
  3. That's so 90's but still cool ...
  4. Wow, thanks for posting this! I hadn't seen this one before, but I liked it very much. Especially the intro and that part of "Carouselambra" are surprising and amazing.
  5. My driving test.. Yippiie now I've got a driving license..
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