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  1. Stones are a great rock n roll band.. I haven't seen them live.. too expensive.. But I guess their good days have been over a long time ago.. but anyway "Beggars Banquet" is my current fav album.. I love those acoustic songs...
  2. True. That's why I love his music so much..
  3. freshmint


    Pretty good stuff... I have heard some of their songs..
  4. Happy birthday Keith He's so cool person.
  5. I'm pretty interested in reading that book! Maybe I could ask it for a christmas present...
  6. Great^^! I saw "Heart Of Gold" just a couple of days ago.. I thought it was awesome.. Prairie Wind is a good album IMO
  7. There is no Finland in those tour dates Well, Stockholm or London.. they are the possible ones for me. I'd like to see Plant live again ..
  8. hahaa I turned 18 in September.. I'm an adult now.. (not)
  9. well here's a photo.. ^^ from Barcelona... I'm in the left Me and my brother's child
  10. whoopsie.. I just got a little excited. I accidentally posted two times
  11. Yeah, I know Buffalo Springfield They've got great stuff... "Broken Arrow" and "Expecting To Fly" ... And Déjà Vu is my all time favourite. CSNY rocks!
  12. ^^ Well here comes the crappiest stuff ever! If You Don't Know Me By Now - Simply Red Ride On Time - Black Box Hangin Tough - New Kids On The Block :'(
  13. ^^ Sounds awesome. I have never been to any of his concerts He should come to Finland! But anyway.. Have you got any favourite albums? I love On the Beach, Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere, Harvest ( I'm a bit tired of it), Comes A Time... and the list continues...
  14. Boyfriend.. we've been together almost a year.
  15. Yeah, but I guess he was somehow recovering from that illness..because his voice was amazing! Actually I didn't notice any problems.
  16. I saw the one which was held in Helsinki on July 9th.
  17. This is a thread dedicated to Neil Young. Let's discuss about the man and the music! ( I apologize if there is already a thread about this subject )
  18. Definitely one of my favourite bands.. I fell totally in love with this band when I heard "Tommy" for the first time. I just hadn't heard anything like that before... it became an important album to me. Last summer I was lucky enough to see them perform live. I had a great time rocking with my friends. Pete and Roger both were energetic on stage and sounded great.
  19. (All members of LZ) Neil Young Keith Richards Prince Jim Morrison David Bowie
  20. Wow! I heard this album for the very first time today and I was really surprised! Mellow, earthy and peaceful stuff... Just the kind of music I need to get through this dark time of year..Alison Krauss has a beautiful voice and I just have to say that Plant's voice: amazing like always. "Polly Come Home" , "Gone Gone Gone (Done Moved On)", "Through The Morning, Through The Night", "Fortune Teller" and "Let Your Loss Be Your Lesson" are my special favourites at the moment!
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