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  1. This Evening on the National news CBC (Canada), there will be an interview with Jimmy Page. No details but the promo claims it will be revealing. You can stream it on CBC.ca. between 9-10pm EST...
  2. One part of me wants to say that Robert might have reason to resist the hype that would surely come the instant a tour is announced. Another part says that he has the experience of years since "Heaven knows" that tells me that he should just get on with it. They could easily work it in that they could just away,. make an Album with Jimmy's pent up energy and John Paul working the edges. Jason's relative youth too fill it out comparitively to what his father would bring at what 69. Oh well, times running out. I hope Jimmy finds the inspiration somewhere...
  3. http://www.cnet.com/news/led-zeppelin-and-the-meaning-of-life/
  4. I think that in my own opinion and it seems obvious at the first comparison between the two copies of the vinyl in my collection two things that jump right out are. The pressing is heavier and the sound is so good that I can only say that whole lotta love is a whole lot of clearer. Every track after that has the same improvement in clarity. In fact the clarity is striking as the first track track closes and fades. I'm really impressed...
  5. I'll give both my copies of II side one a spin and I'll post the difference or lack thereof. All my old copies are in reasonably good shape so I'll likely be able to at least form my own opinion.
  6. I'm happy to be in the first 30'000. I pulled all the old copies out also just for fun of it and noticed the colour of the sleeve on II is somewhat lighter or a paler brown... Wonder if that is generally the case?
  7. Well, picked my copies up on Thurs. evening and just managed to give them all a spin last night. Impressive! Led Zeppelin -28870 Led Zeppelin II - 492
  8. Quite a few stores are sold out of the Deluxe boxes and will take your order if you care to wait two weeks. I picked the last copies at an HMV store in the east end of T.O... My only regret is not seeing it front and centre at Sam the Record Man on Yonge St. Unfortunately Sams is long gone. I can say it would not likely have been sold out after three days, honestly.... .
  9. I'm reading a few comments about the structure of the song by young people and it makes me smile that they are discovering this style that has so many movements to grasp in one listening. I know what they are talkin about
  10. This dude and Howard Stern would make a good pair. It won't be long before he's on as a quest, I am sure. Mark my word
  11. Mind you, I ordered last week but really July 17th. I don't think so. I'm going to the big city on the weekend and will try my luck there. I'll just have to keep dreaming in the meantime.
  12. lOh! I agree. It's a classic even if it is in that early stage of development . Rock and Roll the way it was done best and my children can appreciate it with the same awe! I'm hoping for a few more surprises.
  13. http://www.torontosun.com/2014/05/29/jimmy-page-on-upcoming-led-zep-reissues-this-is-a-major-adjustment
  14. You might want have a listen to the rte interview In the press and media column of the news section to get Jimmy's thoughts on the La La title and the way it was put out there by Robert in the Australian interview that got all the reunion talk going again.
  15. You know folks, I'm enjoying all these interviews so much so that I have learned as much about my boyhood heroes in two days than in all the years previous. This has just been an overwhelming weekend for myself. Thank you all!
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