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  1. Jimmy should pop down to Nashville, Hang out with Jack White, Cut a few tracks at Third Man Records and release a few songs via Third Mans Blue series. Scoop up some hot to trot Nashville players, get a STOMPING live band together and put all the naysayers to rest. jack and Jimmy could make this happen Lickety split, a single could be out in a few weeks time. Just saying......
  2. I'll be going to the Neue Gallery at 11 am ish to see the EGON SCHIELE PORTRAITS exhibition tomorrow morning. It's on 5th ave at 86th street. Then if time allows. I'm going to the Jewish Museum to see the Lee krasner/Norman Lewis exhibition. It is located at 5th and 93rd. BOTH ARE VERY COOL MUST SEE ART EXHIBITIONS only happening in NYC. Then meeting some friends for drinks and some Alsatian French food at Tarte Flambee around 530 pm it's on 2nd -Ave btwn 91 and 92nd a few blocks away from the 92 st Y where the jimmy Page event is being held, we have a table reserved but i believe there is a full bar with some CHOICE beverages, and a happy hour between 4 and 7. see you in the balcony if not before. Row FF. seats 3 and 4. Me and my friend Helen Aqua, who is flying in from Louisiana, are going to be in attendance. I'll be taking the Metro North in from CT in the morning. Bald dude with a stark gray Goatee. Say hello!!!
  3. So apparently the Los Angeles audience will be receiving a copy of the book. Hmmmmmm. Will the NYC audience be privy to the same????
  4. See you there,,,,,,,,!!!!!!! Im so excited i could fucking SHIT!!!!!!!
  5. Tickets available RIGHT NOW. Balcony seats. $150 a pop. My friend just got two. OMFG!!!!!!!
  6. Jack STOMMPED all over Bonnaroo last night.....Wow. Included a nice long snippet of the Lemon Song. GREAT WEBCAST!!
  7. jimmy on he cover of this RECORD fucking RULES,,,,',,,
  8. I also really like it for it being on a 7". Sucker for a 45 here. And one with JUST Jimmy Page on it!
  9. Yes Swandown. That's the version
  10. Tucked inside the Yardbirds 2014 RSD vinyl release sounds i heard. Crisp clear powerful one sided seven inch single. cleaned up 1968 BBC recording. NEW JIMMY PAGE FOR ME!!!!!!!!!!! I've never had this as a 7" single. And a few new too me Yardbirds Live tracks on the 12"vinyl LP. $38.00 bucks.
  11. First post in a LONG time. I PREORDERED. The DELUXE BOX SET of LED ZEPPELIN. SPECIFICALLY because of the LIVE PARIS show being included on VINYL!!!!! Why a TREAT!!!!!! If the other II. (and III). Happen to com my way someday, All the better. I'm surprised non of THE BOMBAY sessions ended up on III. IM hoping PRESENCE gets released with no extra tracks, Just an OBJECT.
  12. WOW!!!!!!!!!!! Was overwhelmed by tonight's show. I will digress and quote from a pop culture flick of the recent past...WELL FUCK ME GENTLY WITH A CHAINSAW HEATHER!!!!!! sublime, intense,controlled,hypnotic,intoxicating. Trampled Rose had me shiverring, the set ending Battle of Evermore-Please Read the Letter found me weeping at the end of the first, pulling back into my body at the end of the latter. Allison has the voice of an angel. Robert, so at ease, ooooozed. NOTHING. Above and beyond what I was expecting. or was it?????????????? Crisp sound and visuals. SUPERB musicianship. Raising Sand???? I say LEVITATING DIRT. possibly one of the best musical experiences I have been priveleged to witness. Cant wait for the Felt Forum next week in NYC!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. where abouts in CT are you from steve?

  14. I agree. BUT, what a SWEET set list!!!!!!! For only having 2 hours, MY GOD, they hit it ON THE HEAD. What should they have left out to include an ITTOD track? Opened the encore with In the Evening into R+R, skipping WLL? I dunno. Maybe if the set was a tad longer, they could have slipped in ITE or All Of My Love. Hot Dog? Nahhh........ I mean, My GOD, they played Dazed and Confused, I wasn't expecting that one at all--(as I sit here in Connecticut getting more pissed by the minute that I didn't get a ticket In the lottery), but, having touched all their records in the set, something off ITTOD would have been nice. Maybe next summer when they hit the states for a sweaty stadium jaunt, eh????????????
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