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  1. ^^ I agree with you Chase. That was really uncalled for, considering how the interview had gone off the rails by that point. However, Jimmy has gone on the record talking about his drug use in the past. I can recall several quotes of his speaking freely about it, but never mentioning any specifics or any relation to heroin. I believe he regrets how severe drug usage really hurt the chemistry in the band and within the band's organization. I also believe, privately, he does carry some burden for how heroin robbed him of his technique and his creativity along with his health and good looks...something he clearly prized before he became a junkie. It's certainly his right to his own privacy not to discuss these feelings with anyone, but as a fan, I do believe he has to carry some sort of regret with him. I love him for what he's given all of us but I've always felt Jimmy Page fell short of what he could have given us post-1975. And I believe that has been something he's never quite forgiven himself for.
  2. The 02 performance showed that Jimmy could still play well enough to play faithful to his younger Led Zeppelin self. However, I wouldn't expect him to dust off Heartbreaker anytime soon. As well he played it 1998, you can see the struggle within his body it took for him to do it. And I think perhaps that's why unfortunately we did not get it in 2007.
  3. zeppy668

    whole lotta money

    ^ I concur with Steve. Having read Branson's autobiography, his interests are mainly in aviation and space travel now. In all likelihood, this is a fabricated story or whomever got a sniff of some actual proposed deal took some extreme liberties on writing it as fact. Besides, Branson has always been a Rolling Stones guy.
  4. ^ It certainly has the most energy out of the LA shows from 77. Badgeholders is pretty good but I've never really understood the hype for this show (aside from the Plantations and Mr. Moon).
  5. Certainly not D'yer M'ker. Something tells me when the final cut was polished off, he hit 'the tiles' hard!
  6. ^ I concur with the above sentiments. As someone who has virtually all of the black marketed recordings of their studio sessions coupled with the stolen private demos of Page, I've yet to hear anything (aside from LaLa) that I haven't heard before or care to hear now. Page could have done something with the Bron-Yr-Aur tapes for III or include the original workings of Ten Years Gone from 1973 onto the PG remasters (which I extremely doubt he did). How about the IMTOD rehearsal where Bonzo is yelling at Plant because he can't get the timing of the vocal harmony down? Priceless studio banter that shows how their personal relationship really was a love/hate/love affair while the recording also shows how the band functioned in the song writing process. Even to include the "California Sessions" of rockabilly jams from 1975 would be a bonus for the Presence disc because mainstream fans have never heard it before. To say you've gone through the vaults (including bootlegs) and not include live interpretations, especially when there are hundreds to choose from, I have to say this whole remasters thing was a missed opportunity. I understand why Robert said what he did.
  7. It's easier to blame the guy who wasn't a member of the original band than it is to blame two poor performances of the singer and guitar player. I've never bought the whole "guitar was out of tune" routine. If someone as professional and legacy-minded as Page is can't be bothered to check if he's in tune before going into a song, I don't know what to tell you. Bottom line: the video doesn't lie. Collins may not have been on cue in spots, but Robert's voice was shot and Jimmy sounds awful.
  8. ^ I agree with Steve's post and to twist it another way; I sincerely hope Page doesn't chicken out (from the continuous promises he's now been making clear in recent months) because the demand that's out there for him right now doesn't match the demand he has built up inside his ego. The small club and theater scene is EXACTLY what he needs to do to reconnect with everyone...not the massive stadium tour. We know he couldn't pull that off without Robert and Jonesy along for the ride, but I hope Page is comfortable accepting that too.
  9. 5/21/77, simply because Bonzo just goes bananas, but he does not overplay (if you know what I mean).
  10. ^ I will have to concur with 6/21/77. Page may not nail every note but he damn well makes you believe in every note he plays.
  11. Considering Letterman likes to overplay the "dumb host" motif that often confuses viewers into thinking he knows nothing about his guest, the interview should be interesting. Or not.
  12. Perhaps Jimmy is purposely using the press to build up the want and need to perform live again. It's clear he has been unable to do so on his own accord for the last 14 years. Maybe he needs the speculation and hype to get himself motivated into actually doing it.
  13. Connery has lived in the Bahamas for decades and has specifically vowed not to return to Scotland until they become an independent nation. I wouldn't say that's turning your back on your homeland, per say...I think he was mainly making his case that Scotland should be sovereign. As for Texas, I don't understand why the media or people of Texas are even mentioning them? No state from the United States can break away from the Union. We've had a Supreme Court decide that over a century ago. Know the Preamble and know the Constitution. Once you're in, you're in. Texas just likes to play this game because of their state's history.
  14. It will be interesting to see if and when Jon Snow's true identity is finally revealed. I think it's fairly obvious who he really is. Personally, I think Tyrion and Arya are the two best written characters in the books and the two best characters portrayed by fantastic acting on the show.
  15. The only thing I read into Plant's comments is essentially what most of us have been saying and feeling for years now: the immense talent that is Jimmy Page has become dormant and it's very sad to see. Sure, Page has earned the right to do as he pleases but to someone like Robert, who I believe does indeed love Jimmy on a personal level as well as a creative level, he just feels heartache not seeing Page out there creating music anymore. And I think for Robert it adds to his dismay for a Zeppelin reunion of some kind. I think if Jimmy were able to write new material, Robert would be much more open to the idea. And that makes perfect sense to me. Jimmy is certainly not a talent wasted because of what he's accomplished in his life but these guys aren't getting any younger. In fact, they're getting older much faster than they were a decade ago. I hate to say it but I just don't see Jimmy Page playing new material in a live setting anymore. Whatever has held him up from doing it the last 14 years has become who he is. Only a reunion will spring his step again, but we know that's not in the cards. Enjoy the music, love their legacy and have a pint for Bonzo whenever possible. At least, that's the way I see it anyway.
  16. ^ Carouselambra might suffer from a bad mix (too much synthesizer and the inability to understand what Plant is singing) but the middle part with the descending guitar riff (4:06) is some of the best stuff they ever did precisely because it sounds nothing like Led Zeppelin. As for D'yer Mak'er, Bonham hated playing reggae and I'm sure his sentiments detracted the others from suggesting they do it live. And mind you, that's suggesting the others even wanted to play it themselves.
  17. ^ Jason has clearly been reinvigorated by the 02 Reunion and his playing shows that he has fully accepted his legacy. I applaud him for honoring his father while also having a style different than his father. As for Jimmy having unfulfilled ambition, wouldn't the 95-98 Page/Plant collaboration constitute (at least in Robert's view) that left over ambition? Robert has been consistently inconsistent about anything Zeppelin related since 1981. I feel Jimmy has always hoped for a collaboration with Robert and more recently Jonesy too that could bring forth new music that could stand up to the music they created 40 years ago. For most, that may seem unrealistic (especially given the misfire of Walking into Clarksdale). However, having read Jimmy finally calling out Robert for his continuous jabs at future Zeppelin projects, I feel this may be the final straw breaking in Jimmy holding out for Robert. This should have happened a decade ago, but it will only matter once Jimmy is on stage playing in front of his fans again.
  18. Perhaps we've always expected something that just was never really there to begin with. After Lennon was murdered, what real chance was there at a Beatles reunion? Or better yet, what energy was there for Paul, George and Ringo to go out on tour and play the hits? Sure, they did the 1995 Anthology stuff which turned out to be great, but without John, it could never happen. Led Zeppelin isn't much different. And the few times they did get together post-1980, it never materialized and produced what many felt could or should have been (including the members themselves). 2008 saw it happen for the right reasons, for them. Jimmy Page is Led Zeppelin's biggest fan and Robert Plant is proud of the work they did, but also carries its burden unlike the others seem to. We have to respect that. Sure, Plant does come off a certain way which only adds kerosene to the sensationalism of it all, but I whole-heartedly believe he truly loves the band. He just doesn't have that young man in him anymore. On the other hand, Page clearly tried to regain that youthfulness several times, but it was directed more towards recapturing something that was and not something that could be. That's the difference between the two (aside from their late 70s strenuous tension at times that seemed to carry over for years). I agree that Jimmy not staying as creative as he once was dampened Robert's faith in him. And after years of heavy substance abuse, Jimmy did not exactly prove his recommitment and focus like he could have (his playing in 1988 was spectacular despite a solo album of forgettable music). They bring out the best in each other when they have a common vision for their music, but that's also relying on a relationship that saw its creative peak 40 years ago. The best thing Robert can do for himself is to keep doing what makes him happy. I dig his new stuff, even if its not what I prefer him singing. But what else can he really do at this point? He's not going to walk out onstage, fully cocked out, and sing like its 1973. I applaud him for that. As for Jimmy, I truly wish he could focus on releasing something, anything original. He has a fan base chomping at the bit for his music, and its past time for him to put the same 15 year old sound bytes about new material to note with something we can enjoy. I would love to see him do a full acoustic album of original music and play small venues to promote it. I truly believe he would get more out of that than we would. It would be a great way for him to recapture the intimacy with his playing and with his fans. I believe the main reason he has continually pushed this off from happening is largely because at his age, his guitar playing is not what it once was and I believe he does not feel comfortable performing in front of people at a level where he cannot create the dynamics he wants. As a musician, I understand that and respect that. He's 70, and is still Jimmy Page. But, I know he knows that too.
  19. No John Bonham = No Led Zeppelin The 02 was the closest we're ever gonna get. I even think Jimmy has finally excepted that. The rest of us should too.
  20. ^ It's not like they licensed "Down By the Seaside" to a company selling Adirondack chairs. That being said, I dig the song but don't think it works with the commercial.
  21. If Led Zeppelin were the type of group to spontaneously change their set list from time to time, I can see them doing DM. But they generally weren't that type of band. They preferred sticking with an established set list and going in different directions with those particular songs.
  22. If the audio could be presented in a high quality way... Philadelphia February 8, 1975 - Excellent show, terrible audio. Bath May 28, 1970 Offenburg March 24, 1973 Cleveland April 28, 1977 Zurich June 29, 1980
  23. Fair enough. Read the book!
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