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  1. the Drive-By Truckers are a very nerdy band and their songs mostly sound the same and a lot of their fans are nerds.
  2. i expect that from a Drive By Truckers nerd such as you.
  3. i read about that show and that just seems like bad booking to me. anyway, i love creative and progressive music and i love Black Sabbath also. i saw Black Sabbath in concert on my birthday once.
  4. what do you think about this show? i'm thinking of trading for this show because it was in my hometown and i haven't gotten a show from Chicago yet and this is the only one i can get at the moment.
  5. anyone here like Gentle Giant and do you have a favorite album by them? i like Gentle Giant a lot and my favorite album by them so far is ''Aquiring the Taste'' but i haven't all of their albums yet, such as ''In A Glass House'' ''The Power and the Glory'' and ''Free Hand'' i hope to be checking them out soon though.
  6. i really need to checkout the 1/20/75 and 1/22/75 versions of No Quarter if they are similar to the ones i like so much. 1977 is one of my favorite tours as well.
  7. i'm referring to the 7/27, 7/28 and 7/29 shows
  8. Boston 7/20/73, the 7/18/73 show in Canada, Rhode Island 7/21/73 and even the 1/12/75 Brussels show all have the version i'm thinking of in which when the organ solo starts it has the creepy droning type notes. it's hard for me to explain it because i don't know much about music in that way but hopefully you guys will know what i'm talking about. i have the 1/12/75, 7/20/73, 7/21/73 shows as well as the 3 MSG 1973 shows but i really need to get a copy of the 7/18/73 as it is one of my favorite performances of No Quarter with the organ solo i like so much.
  9. how many other versions are there of No Quarter that have the organ solo that sounds like the one on the TSRTS soundtrack and what concerts are they from? i'm thinking there are around 5 other versions that sound like that but i can't remember which shows they're from.
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