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  1. well if he can wear a woman's blouse in front of thousands of fans than it could be possible
  2. in photos eyes don't regularly go from brown to green to blue.
  3. he definitely wears colored contacts at some point in his zeppelin career
  4. i am embarrassed to be a zeppelin fan, with you two arguing about sweaters.
  5. is this movie coming out in select theaters or is it straight to dvd?
  6. "Plantations"-Robert Plant was given to him because he was always making jokes/acting silly.
  7. 5'10. just an inch shy of jimmy in his zep days and a couple of inches short of robert-but today who knows maybe i tower over them.
  8. i'm into plants fashion too, and it's tough being a guy trying to dress like plant in the 70's! check out dressthatman.com they have all sorts of 70's vintage clothing-it is pricy though also sazzvintage.com diesel also has some cool jeans that look similar to plant's, though they aren't bell bottoms (go to dress that man for those) nordstroms is always good too.
  9. i bought a shirt about a year ago from a site called wolfgangsvault.com (roberts nurses do it better shirt). the site has all sorts of vintage rock stuff, however they are lacking in the clothing area. not too long ago i saw an ad for a site that sold all sorts of 70's era rock stuff, and was wondering if anybody here may have any good suggestions for a site.
  10. thanks for the recommendations guys. i'm heading over tomorrow and added everything that was suggested (minus the strip bar) to the list.
  11. besides places like trafalgar square and buckingham palace, what are some less touristy places to check out in london. i'm a big fan of music but i'm open to anything.
  12. tell me about it sweetheart. stanley cup is so much classier
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