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  1. From Against the Wind by Bob Seger: "Wish I didn't know now what I didn't know then."
  2. A friend of mine has a sealed LP of Gian Piero Reverberi's 1977 version of Stairway to Heaven. Is this something he should listen to, or keep sealed as a collectible. We aren't sure how rare (if at all) this is. I'm guessing it's not. Only one thread showed up with "Reverberi", hence my question to you. Thanks in advance.
  3. Hmmmmm, no wonder I didn't understand what was so special about November 9.............
  4. Many things cause fires........that's where safety codes come into play......of which it seems Brazil has none of (or at least that building didn't meet, which may be the reason for the owners being charged).
  5. I was there last night as well! I too was disappointed with the editting out of the banter between songs. Not a huge disappointment, but I wonder why remove it at all? Great final show for the boys, anyways!
  6. I just recall watching a 60+ year old man drooling on stage, and IMO it really took away from the moment. Maybe it was just my perspective from the 5th row, but yeah, if they clean anything up, I really hope they clean that up.......
  7. In the brief BBC clip that does a quick scan of the crowd, I see a fellow that we stood next to in the queue, which means I'm just to his right in the vid clip, however I can't make myself out. But I suspect one of the heads is mine. I'd sure like to be able to point myself out in a DVD someday, though!
  8. I will probably just reflect on how flippin' unbelievably lucky and thankful I was to attend that show. Those 7 hrs in the queue to be row 5 on the floor seem like seconds now.
  9. Read Allen Carr's Easyway to Stop Smoking. No pangs, no cravings, no hunger, no irritability......and in fact will make you enjoy quitting. I've quit for over 6 years, as have all my friends who have read this. Best book I've ever read.
  10. Those gawsh dawrn 'Canadian Geese'......
  11. Thanks. But the frame's already done. See link above. Appreciate the response, though. Love seeing the pics!
  12. Just got back from a vacation where I was in a sports & celebrity memorabilia store and asked the employee if they had an Zeppelin stuff. The conversation eventually led to them saying that for a particular amount, they would ship a guitar over to their contacts in the UK, and get Page &/or Plant's autograph on it. The kicker to me, was that it would be a Squire guitar, or some 'lesser' quality guitar. Now that's fine if that's the case, but here's where my Spider-sense was tingling.... Wouldn't Gibson Guitars have an issue with Jimmy signing? Or is this the norm when it comes
  13. Glad you all like it. It was when I came across the replica guitars that I knew exactly what I was going to do with the frame. I'm glad I waited this long. The Les Paul isn't a perfect match to Jimmy's, but it's only people like you that will notice! Keep on rockin'!
  14. Yup. I tried to photoshop the 'pink' out of it, and it definitely looks better than it did.
  15. I found it humourous when The Edge was showing the other 2 his song (I totally forget what it was he was playing.....I'm not a U2 fan), and Jimmy is questioning that it's a C he's playing. He seems to question the C again when they're done jamming. Did I misunderstand or misinterpret?
  16. Maybe this has something to do with Jimmy's 180°. http://multiplayerblog.mtv.com/2008/09/15/gh-money-for-aerosmith/ Activision: 'Guitar Hero' A Bigger Money-Maker For Aersomith Than Any Album Posted 9/15/08 5:42 pm ET by Patrick Klepek Just as "Rock Band 2" launches, we're reminded of the "Guitar Hero" juggernaut. Activision CEO Bobby Kotick said at the company's analyst day today that "Guitar Hero: Aerosmith" has generated more money for the band than any of their albums. "[Their] version of 'Guitar Hero' generated far more in revenues than any Aerosmith album ever has,"
  17. Much like the topic states, I've finally decided how I'm framing my photos & ticket/wristband, but I am looking for a photo of Jimmy & the double neck guitar, from or near the 5th row (ideally). The only photo I have has everything and everyone lit by the pink background in a pink hue, which just doesn't quite go with the rest of my frame. So I'm looking for someone who would be willing to email me a photo as described, for me to use in my frame, that....well, isn't so pink. The photo needs to tie in with the miniature replica double neck guitar I've recently purchased.
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