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  1. I still feel a little out of it, being in New Zealand. However I do hear snippets of information from the other side of this world and I haven't heard anything except waht is shared on this site. Thanks to all for the news you all carry to post here.
  2. I have never heard of this before. It's intriging and mysterious to us who don't have access to many recources that are out of our reach. Thanks for sharing.
  3. I don't know about the article mentioned but if Page put a curse on Bowie, it didn't work!
  4. From the other side of the world, and another Rodger, You have an amazing lot of info. on the band. It's good to read and see, thanks for the share.
  5. Both songs have their good points, like all of LZ songs. I like the BBC Sessions versions of YSM, all of them. I srtill like 'I Can't Quit You' in all it's versions too
  6. What an engrossing article! You certainly covered a lot in it. I am familiar to most of it having read several books about LZ and a big fan of Tolkien's works. Well done.
  7. I have the Celebration Disc set wit the dvd and Blue Ray disc. after bseeing te progression of LZ through the ages and what bands did them credit, I think the inclusion of Jason to honour his father did a marvelous job of fitting in with the other band members. He is the credit to the band by playing very close to his dad's style.
  8. As we are a little way away from them it was good to get Coda as a fill-in LP. I admit it has great songs on it but to me it isn;t the 'best' LP. I believe that all thier releases are great, and when done, were the best at the time. Having most of their songs and some DVDs I listen to them regulary wwith many other groups and individual artists. To me they were the best group in the world that none could touch.
  9. I brought the Led Zeppelin 1 back in '73 as a new LP and now have a full set of LPs and all but one of thier songs in different formats.
  10. Thanks for the reply. I am also a landscape painter and done a lot of painting with several types of paint and it has been good for me to use my talents and imagination. As I mentioned I am a LZ fan and now collected as far as I know all but one of thier songs and a few DVDs of their performances. I have most of Tolkiens' works and am learning the Quenya lanauge in writting and speach. This has been a great learning curve.
  11. You have an amzing talent Virginia, the painting looks great. Thanks for sharing it with us so we can see your work in progress. I have been a fan of LZ since 1970 and still enjoy their music and the memories that go with it. I am also a big fan of JRR Tolkien and his works.
  12. I wish you all the best for him. I think that if he is interested he will let you know. He may get distracted but if he gets a passion for it then he will keep going back to it.
  13. Still waiting for a geotech report on our land so repairs to the house and property can be done.

  14. Sorry I have only the origional albums and they are not going anywhere. I know that a few 7" discs were cut against the likes of the band and dictated by the American markets, but I enjoy the LPs much better than singles.
  15. I have just been through the DVD with the Mother Ship and it has some early tracks on it inckuding the Sydney show that was madw from 2 different days. Quite a feight to accomplish. Also some tracks from the Earls Court that are not on the other DVDs. Worth a look.
  16. I just listenedto it and it does sound like a Plant/Page duo. The BBC version is really good and worth a listen.
  17. Well I live in New Zealand and around the time of the LZ came out it was about 2 years before it came here. Now I own all the LPs (onoly one of ITTOD), tha 4 CD Box Set with book, the 2 Box Set of the resty, How The West Was Won CD set, Mother Ship, LZ - Physica Graffiti on CD, the BBC Sessions, and How The West Was Won DVD series, Song Remains The Same DVD as well as so0me 'unautharised' books and some 'official' books. All of this started withLZ LP back in '70
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