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  1. If you have done business with Niwa, you may write him at his e-mail address and make inquiries. I just ordered the ''Live Yardbirds'' reissue and the ''Maryland Moonshine" repackage from him.
  2. Listening to my Moonchild Records release of this show as I write this, it really *is* one of the best shows from the 1st half of the '75 U.S. Tour!
  3. Just recieved this Email this AM-- It is unclear if they're going to another website provider, or E-mail lists. I look forward to doing more business with them. "This is Air Raid. Thank you for supporting the site for 20 years. Due to the influence of Covid-19, the provider was closed. However, AirRaid's business continues. We are looking forward to your order. We will contact you by e-mail with information on new music in the future. I look forward to working with you. Thanks Niwa"
  4. They *are*? Why would they pirate their own material at 1/4 the price of their regular titles? It seems to *me* that EV is offering a budget line of lesser-priced sets to compete with Moonchild. The three ''Evolution Is Timing'' sets and the "Mike the Mike" double box set, for example, or ''Dark Side of Zingpan'' immediately come to mind.
  5. Anyone heard from Air Raid as to their new website or ordering instructions? I don't personally have so much of an issue with Moonchild. $11 for a factory-made 3 disc set is a fair price to me! Yeah, I could download it and burn it myself, but like several other people here, I got turned on this through bootleg buying 40 odd years ago. I like a physical copy of a recording. Something I can hold in my hand. I like showing a fellow fan a release they've never seen before. I've probably bought 30 Moonchild titles in the last year, Zeppelin and Beatles mostly, how could I not? Many of the home-burned discs I made 15-20 years ago don't play any more, these give me an opportunity to replace some dates that I have lost, and hear some upgrades to older releases that I haven't chased down at a budget price of less than $4.00 a disc on a 3 disc set (plus postage of course). They're not making a *huge* profit on them, either, obviously, so I don't know what the issue is. Affordable Bootlegs? Yes, thank you!
  6. Hard to say, I'm watching it on a 70-inch 4K Def TV, and noticing video artifacts I've not seen before, but it may be the set is showing me stuff that was always there. So-- not an upgrade.
  7. So I am to take it that this is the version included in the ''Evolution Is Timing 3'' DVD set?
  8. Watching the 5/24 Earl's Court DVD from the Evolution Is Timing 3 DVD Box Set!!!
  9. Ilve been living with this since its day of release. I've listened and watched several time. Well, the Rehearsal Tapes that were bootlegged back 2-3 years ago were a better rehearsal performance than the fixed-camera video rehearsal performance included in this set. BUT it's new, and it's good. I didn't care for the whiplash editing, three to four seconds at most per shot... I'll leave it to the experts with the sound spectrum analyzers to tell us what we're hearing... As others have noted, if this is the last flight of the mighty Zeppelin, it's a helluva high-water mark to end your legacy.
  10. I'm listening to this right now. Thanks for this! I'd never searched out this date before, so I'd never actually heard either of the other versions of this show that are circulating, this is quite listenable! I probably won't bother to seek out either of the others, hearing the "superior" version's edits inserted into this gives me a sense of the sound of it, the vocals *are* better, they sound 'warmer' if that makes any sense.
  11. 8-track recorders were desirable because most people had an 8-track player in their car in the 70's, cassettes didn't really catch on until the early 80's, as the industry began to phase out reel-to-reel player/recorders.
  12. Hey! Somebody's paying attention! Glad you liked the post! The Book of the Law (communicated to Aleister Crowley 108 years ago today in the city of Cairo, Egypt) says specifically "veil not your vices in virtuous words: these vices are my service; ye do well, & I will reward you here and hereafter." Personally, I'd say Jimmy's done pretty well, he's certainly been rewarded....
  13. @ Cookie- Really? They must have changed the page since yesterday. Wish I had seen it. @ Rock Historian- Oh, *I* don't "feel" damned, but I've been told by so many well-meaning Xians that I am, that I like to have a little fun with it from time to time. Yeah, I don't hide my Esoteric tastes and leanings. I've been "out" on this matter for decades. I've studied several branches of the Occult: Western Ceremonial Magic, Freemasonry, Rosicrucian thought, Thelema, Witchcraft, Shamanism and Vodou. You found Thelema to be "nothing of importance"? I put it to you that it is no more or less so than any other philosophy-- it's all about the focus of the individual. If it doesn't have resonance with you, that's cool. Thelema is not for everybody. There's no "secret" to it though, or rather, it's a pretty open secret: Reasonable people already know that certain practices allow one greater powers of concentration, focus, visualization, and it's established that certain techniques in Yoga and Self-Defense give one the ability to focus those powers and apply them in the material world. Crowley was one of the first Westerners to study Yoga. Crowley teaches these techniques-- and THIS is where it will, as you say, "help pay my electric bill, keep my job, house note, car note, cable, phone, child care, etc.etc." because you're absolutely correct-- if you cannot master THIS sphere, if you cannot support yourself in THIS world, if you cannot manifest your Will so that the world around you moves (largely) in accordance with that Will, you've got NO BUSINESS mucking about in the Higher Spheres-- you'd be like a Junior High School Student trying to take a 400-Level Seminar-- under-knowlegable and unprepared. When I was a Soldier, we were taught in Leadership Development that you have have to teach your soldiers to take care of their own home, their own family, FIRST, so they can keep their head clear from worry on these matters and focus on the Mission, and it's the same here. TCB- take care of business. That's the same technique I use with my students. One of the first books I give them has nothing to do with the Occult, and is called "The Richest Man In Babylon" --it teaches you how to think like a rich man, (but one with integrity and honesty) -- and the techniques work. Nothing "secret" about simple finance, but it might as well be in a foreign language to some folks. From what you say, I suspect you share the same opinion that that I do-- It seems that too many people running towards the Occult, towards Magick, seem to be trying to use it unsuccesfully to escape these responsibilities. You can't. Goetic Daemons won't pay your rent for you. You can sit around and disbelieve in the existence of your Electric Company all you want to, but you'll be sitting around in the dark, sooner rather than later. You'd think this common sense, but there's little that's "common" about it. When we approach the Occult as a self-Illuminating method of Enlightenment we can more clearly see the dangers of self-deception. But you seem to share with them a misunderstanding of the concept of "Do What Thou Wilt." This is easily rectified. Let me clear this up for you: "Do What Thou Wilt" does not mean "do whatever you want." In fact, rigidly interpreted, it's the exact opposite of "do whatever you want." Thelema is a philosophy of self-discipline-- In order to do one's True Will, that one thing which we have self-destined ourselves since before our birth, all the things that detract us from attaining that Will, all that distracts us, all the bad habits that prevent us, delay us, all of those things must be set aside, removed from the field of influence, so that we may achieve that singular True Will to which our Holy Guardian Angel would reveal to us. This is not to say that one should deny one's vices, (indeed, we Thelemites believe our vices should be celebrated) but one should not allow them to interfere with the performance of one's True Will, or at least only allow them to interfere minimally. Also, some will point out that the phrase "Do What Thou Wilt" is of a future tense-- "Wilt", that which one will do, similar to "shalt", so in this respect one's Will is constantly in a state of becoming, or of a transformative nature. We see Crowley rephrase this in his rituals, also in the future tense, where the candidate is told several times 'Thy Will... be done.' I'm not sure what you mean by "full-blown occultist"-- Sure, I need separate rooms for the Library and the Temple but that doesn't mean I have a problem, I can stop buying books any time I want! To be sure, I am an ordained Priest with a genuine Apostolic succession, as well as a student & teacher possessing direct lineage to Crowley, to Dr. Gerald Gardner and Alex Saunders. Additionally, I am a Knight in several Orders, including the Ordo Templi Orientis, the Knights of St. Francis of Wycombe, I am the Prior of the Knights of St. Joan. I am Priest for a Coven of Witches. I am Guardian Emeritus for the Texas Council of Magickal Arts. But I have a real job. A real career. A real family. And I'm *not* here to recruit, just trying to keep the record straight for those who *really* want to know.
  14. Yes, Jimmy released this on the Spring Equinox. ABRAHADABRA, the Word of the New Aeon equates to 418 in Qaballa. THELEMA (Law) and AGAPE (Love) equate to the number 93 in Greek Gematria. There's nothing subtle about this. The symbolism could not be plainer. Any Thelemite recognizes these numbers and this date. It's another act of Magick by Adeptus Major Zoso/Jimmy Page. Relax. It's not going to send anyone to the place where the fellow with the Red Cape and Pitchfork conducts his business. But if you're a Christian, and you're really concerned that all of these things are Satanic Influences, do me a favor, give me your collection? I'm already damned and am in no danger of further negative influences.
  15. Well said there, BenRedWitch19!!! The Book of the Law says at the very beginning-- "Every man and every woman is a Star." We are all shinging beings of light in an infinite universe, a "Star in the Company of Heaven". Doing one's True Will puts one in accord with that "Circle of stars whereof our father the Sun is but the younger brother." That doesn't mean it's easy-- sometimes it's the hardest thing you'll ever do, because you have to take away and remove all those old excuses, bad habits, addictions that *prevent one* from doing one's True Will. And you're correct: 'screwing with anyone elses will' isn't tolerated. In a perfect Universe each star and planet have their own orbit and course across ttime and space. When one interferes with the Will of another, the orbit and course of both Stars become affected, and may affect others in turn. It's true that in any contest there's a "winner" and at least one person who "didn't win", but this does not mean that "Might makes right." That which does not kill us makes us quote Nietzsche. The True Will cannot be in violation of the Rights of Man as declared in Liber Oz. Neither theft, nor cohersion, or non-consentual violence, predation or victimization is EVER one's "True Will." It may be their 'want' or their 'addictive need' or 'obsessive desire' but it's not their True Will. *Discovering* one's True Will is the trick. Some people ultimately find that they're already very close to what that True Will might be because of their honesty with themselves, with their likes, dislikes, with their innate talents and abilities, while others find that there's rather a lot of work that they perhaps ought to have been paying more attention to. You're quite right that addiction is a very severe trial-by-fire. You're correct that there are some real lessons to be learned, provided that one doesn't accidently die along the way. However, I don't think it's anyone's "True Will" to be drug addicted, but that said, there's no reason that a drug addiction would or should prevent one from doing one's True Will, just a lot of bad excuses.
  16. Yes, probably all crap. The symbolism of Cross has myriad meanings, and the variations of the symbolism are quite important-- there's a HUGE difference between a Flyflot Cross, a Jerusalem Cross, and a Rosae Crux. Crowley actually encourages the use of a cross as decor, particularly if one is living in a Barbaric Country, providing that the Adept understands its true symbolism. The burning of any magickal symbol (including a book, such as the Bible) may physically destroy the object-- but it frees the spirit of the symbol or object from its physical bonds, and sends the essence its spirit loose upon world. This was perhaps one reason why Crowley advised the burning of the Book of the Law after its first reading.
  17. Right now? Charlie Burse and his Memphis Mudcats from 1939, Charlie and the boys laid down 20 sides over two Saturdays in July of that year, including "Weed Smokin' Mama", "Hell's Highway" and "Magic Spell Blues" which only goes to show that references to drugs and the Occult were hardly new in the 60's and 70's. Charlie had formerly been with the very famous Memphis Jug Band, and continued to perform with Will Shade as late as 1963... I dearly *love* me some Jug Band! There's an optimism in it, that even if things are hard or bad, there's nothing that a bottle of hooch, a little whoopie music and a willing gal can't help you forget for a couple hours.
  18. Hahaha! I'll be seeing ZZ Top in a couple weeks, they do a set most every year for the Houston Live Stock Show and Rodeo at the Astrodome/Reliant Stadium, Houston is Billy Gibbons hometown (Dusty and Frank are from DFW) and I used to see him occasionally at a great little BBQ stand that used to be around the corner from Billy's garage (where he houses his 20+ antique cars, Billy's a gear-head) in the Houston Heights. More South Coast Rock, Rhythm & Blues! The whole Gulf coast (not just New Orleans) has a very rich musical heritage.
  19. Playing right now: Bath 1970. First time I've played this in almost a year. I'm not sure if Plant's uncertain of the lyrics to "Immigrant Song," just suffering from stage fright, or a combination of the two. Awful sound. This was considered an *upgrade*? Pheweeee! The first source must have really stinked!
  20. That's one of prettiest versions of "Thank You" that they ever did, IMO.
  21. The author didn't have the faintest idea of what Crowley was about, it was one of the sensationalist biographies written in the early 50's, based upon lies and yellow journalism. The first half-way balanced Crowley bio was "The Eye In The Triangle" by Dr. Israel Regardie, who was Crowley's personal secretary for several years in the late 20's thru early 30's. Regardie went on to become a Doctor of Psychology, he straighens a lot of the wilder stories out and offers first-hand knowledge of the Beast with the insights of a Psychologist. You'll have to further define "very early" age-- there's rather a limit on how young that could be, because before a certain age and ability, one wouldn't be able to *read* Crowley with any degree of comprehension-- he doesn't write for a High-School Graduate. Crowley was an intellectual snob who believed his poetry (sometimes quite good) was as great as Shelley's. Crowley studied at Trinity College and liked to show off his knowlege of the obscure and arcane. I found his Tarot masterpiece, "The Book Of Thoth" at age 15, and his "Magick In Theory & Practice" at age 17; not having read Frazier's 12-volume Golden Bough set, and having no ability to read Greek or Hebrew, and only the most basic Latin, fully half of each of those books were unfathomable to me at the time. I'm not saying I understand each of them 100% today, but I can read the Greek, Hebrew and Latin, and appreciate them much more fully than I could 35-odd years ago. I don't know who introduced Mr. Page to the Occult, but there certainly was enough of it around London in the 50's and 60's that Jimmy, or anyone else, wouldn't have had a hard time finding connections. Most Americans outside of New York, Los Angeles, and perhaps Boston don't understand about living in a huge metropolis with a large Occult community.
  22. Yeah, The White Album is all over the place isn't it? You have these pop tunes like "Obla-Di, Obla Di" that sound like bubble-gum next to screaming rockers like "Helter Skelter" and avaunt-guarde aural sculptures for which the world is not yet ready some 40 years after its' release (Revolution No. 9), and it's just chaotic the way it shifts gears. Had to vote for "Kashmir" on this one. It sends me out into those desert sands every time; few songs have this effect, Cole Porter's "Begin the Beguin" is another, and Hoagy Carmicheal's immortal "Stardust." Timeless tunes that bands and orchestras will be playing centures from now.
  23. Oh, Blackmore's solo stuff *is* top-notch! I saw him 8 or 9 times with Rainbow, and 2 or 3 times with Deep Purple post-1984, once Co-headlining "Monsters Of Rock" in Nuremburg in '86 with Dio, if somewhat foggy memory serves. Better than Jimmy? Not when Jimmy's with Led Zeppelin; solo? Much harder to say...
  24. Sniffin' his farts... Screw Eddie Van Halen. He doesn't deserve to be mentioned in the same sentence with Mr. Page. And with all of my respect to Mr. Steve Vai, his admitted technical proficiency isn't enough to place him in Mr. Page's strata of players. Who's better than Jimmy Page AT WHAT? :-) That's the question! Hendrix might have been better at improvisation. Jeff Beck might have been more fluid a guitarist. Ritchie Blackmore might have been more classically inclined. Django Reinhardt played Jazz, not the Blues, and certainly not Rock & Roll. Paul McCartney might have been a better songwriter. Frank Zappa might have been a better soloist. But the *total package*? It's hard to imagine anyone who covered more bases and was better all-around than Jimmy Page.
  25. Oh, *that* suit is a beauty! The back features "The Eye In The Pyramid" design that Aleister Crowley originally used in his Equinox book series back around 1912, above the arched body of Nuit, the Queen of Heaven, and the Winged Globe, Hadit(h), from the Funeral Stele of Ankh-Af-Na-Khonsu, "The Priest Of The Princes" (which figures heavily in Crowley's "Liber L/Liber Al Vel Legis/Liber AL", The Book of the Law). Below that, on the lower back, is the Hebrew letter/glyph Heh, the significance of which a book chapter might be written. Amazingly Thelemic for its time! A real beauty.
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