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  1. Hi guys, I haven't posted here anything for a long time and now I would like to share with you my first manipulated photo.
  2. ↑ So this is where you've been last summer. Marvelous place!
  3. I'm glad to see you again here, my friend. I'll write to you soon. :)

  4. ↑ Thank you. I took it in the Botanical Garden, in Budapest.
  5. Ooops, there is a mistake, sorry. So... Sun: Pisces Ascendant: Taurus Moon: Leo
  6. It's unbelievable, but we "enjoy" the winter in the middle of March.
  7. Császármorzsa http://en.wikipedia..../Kaiserschmarrn
  8. ↑ Nice shot and really good quality.
  9. White Summer/Black Mountain Side, 9.1.70. http://youtu.be/SxjYpq6KhI4
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