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  1. A Led Zeppelin forum and someone seriously used the word, "safe space". The end is neigh and I'm applauding by giving jazz hands to as to not "trigger" someone.
  2. Ok, throw in 'Rude World' as well and drop WiC (the song) you've got a very tasty, very unexpected approach by the men...
  3. Hi Bud, Not so much a problem...my point is that several people posted somewhat 'in-defense of' type posts regarding the material on the album...so I'm just raising the question of why he would have released the album if it was a 'glorified demo' as he stated AND if somehow the theft of the (masters?) on what was originally a double-album, what does it say to the tracks that were left-off. P.S. I was 13 when Outrider was released so I had to take about 4 buses then hump it another mile to get the album and I'm still holding a grudge for the risk/reward factor of the album
  4. To my ears...this sounded like a musical compromise between the boys that left no one happy. Most of the tracks really sound like Page writing to what he 'thinks' Plant would be 'into'. The exceptions being Shining in the Light and Most Hight...both tracks 'stink' (in good way) of Jimmola. It seems they tried to a take a 'Presence' approach to the recording process...i.e. 1 or 2 takes then move on...don't over think it; to very, very mixed results in my opinion. To me, if they were going to go into a more uncharted territory approach...they should have dropped Golden Horse, When I was a Child and subbed them with 'The Window' and 'Whiskey from the Glass.'
  5. In reading all of the posts to this subject, I'm stunned that no one seems to question the post-release comments made by Page regarding this effort. Namely, "I suppose it was a bit of a glorified demo". In fact, people have echoed the same statement. Now, I ask...Page has never, EVER made such a comment regarding any Zeppelin studio release??? (not counting his semi-defensive, self serving comments regarding TSRS soundtrack). Why would he release something 'sub-standard'? Moreover...if this was supposed to be a double album...THIS was the best of the lot????? Consider: He was the sole musical 'creator' on this album. He owned the studio in which it was recorded. He produced the album. He chose the vocalists.
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