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  1. The Astros in the World Series is what's best for business. 😆 On a serious note, I wonder who had the Braves or Houston going the distance in October--provided the Braves can shake the "Atlanta Jinx" and actually close out this Series tonight....
  2. I'm thinking how many yards & tire treads Derrick Henry is going to leave on the Chiefs defense tomorrow?
  3. Wow, could be something special in Houston tonight, but I don't want to put on the jinx... 😄
  4. Well, I think I'll be content with any matchup of the 4 teams left. Dodgers vs. Red Sox would be great, but I have a strong feeling Houston is shutting the door tonight...
  5. Are the Braves going to wet the bed again & blow a 3 to 1 lead? I hope not, but I wouldn't wager any money on it... Btw, I'm wondering if the head honchos at MLB are pulling for a Houston/Los Angeles WS rematch....
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