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  1. The highs and lows of a full season--the Mets look like they are going to wear a 3-game ass whoopin' from the Rays. Just a conglomeration of bad luck, shitty bullpen work & injuries... 😔
  2. The sun is out, but it's relatively cool, the wind gust help that. A nice break from the blazing heat North Florida was getting....
  3. I got the Jacob deGrom royal blue: Btw, I wouldn't mind if the Mets brought back the old black jerseys they used to wear during the Piazza era. I think some of the current players were advocating for it, too. Black works for the Mets.... 👍
  4. ^^ Heh, trust me, I understand the Dallas Cowboys hype machine--but on the flipside--I'm looking at Week 4 when the Bucs go to New England & I'm like, that should be the season opener. Oh well, I won't lose any sleep over it...
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