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  1. Actually, the first photo here is from the same roll of film. The man speaking with Robert Plante was my father's partner in Lights By The Road, a film maker named John B____.
  2. I'm wondering if anyone here knows that The Boston Tea Party was housed at two different locations? The first (original) one was on East Berklee Street, in the South End. The next location was in Kenmore Square on Lansdown Street. I might suggest if you have questions about the backdrop or architecture of the venues, contacting Steve Nelson of The Music Museum of New England might fill in information that I don't know or have. He was the manager of the BTP and has an incredible memory for details.
  3. Maybe I can clear some things up about the photos. All were taken by my father, Roger Thomas, the director of The Road Light Show at The Boston Tea Party. These photos are all on the same negative strip, as well as contact sheets from his old Hasselblad camera. These were definitely taken at the East Berklee Street location. There are several others, but I have yet to scan and upload them.
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