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  1. A beautiful home it is Pilot ! I saw some pics on the old board, I'm sure it's all come together ! We got a bit of sun today, but looks like we're in for another down pour tonight through the weekend. Last night we had some heavy rain and wind...funny how some folks think California is all sun and beaches, very different up north ! Keep that pup warm Pilot !
  2. Good Brother, very well, Thank you for asking..everything going well for you ? 9 ! I can't believe you're out in that weather !
  3. Hi Pilot ! I'll join you ! How are you Brother ? Bartender, Newcastle please !
  4. Skip's Song If you'd seen the naked dream I had of you Would you care And would you now come through Take me far away My wiles and mind can't beat a dream of death today Hard to get by When what greets my eye takes my breath away In my dream you are around the stars I watched your walls all fall away You were bare of thoughts, we were to part And we stayed that way Some try to hide Because they lied They were not true And they were afraid They refuse to see Or be free, be one to gods, they prayed Cryin', Save me, save me! Save me, save me, save me! I'll save you, can I spend you? And now this naked dream I had of you And Will you care And will you now come through Take me far away My miles and mind can't beat a dream of death today Hard to get by When what greets my eye takes my breath away Cryin', Save me, save me, save me! I'll save you. Can I spend you?
  5. Sunny for the moment with more rain on the way ....Northern California winters are a rainy affair, Seattle has us beat, but barely !
  6. There's somewhere "Worse than Detroit " !? ( I'm joking of course my friends from Michigan....there's Newark and Cleveland and Oakland and ........I better shut up.) LIKE THIS !
  7. That's the beauty of music, everyone has a different inerpretation, the song ends up being about what it means to us personally. Now, looking at it from a political point of view, 29 Palms is a Marine Base in Southern California. Perhaps it is about a young soldier away from his sweet heart, or over seas dreaming about the States...maybe penned with the Viet Nam era in mind....all speculation on my part.
  8. Without digging into the lyrics, it's always been about lost love or a being away from the one you love, for me anyway. That song has always reminded me of a relationship I was in that ended badly. it was all my fault and when I came 'round, I realized just what a special person she was, and what I had lost. Not neccesarily the lyrics, but the cassette (yes I said cassette ) was getting alot of play in my car at the time of our breakup. My Robert song of the day is "Memory Song (hello hello)" P.S. Reading the lyrics to 29 I get more of an "unrequited" love vibe....did I spell that right ?
  9. Mine is multi layered, the most obivious one is a tip of the hat to my favorite book by J.R.R. Tolkien, "The Hobbit" and the lead character ,with whom I have a lot in common . Second, "Bilbo" is a loving nickname the Basques have given to "Bilbao" , capital city the province of Bizkaia \ Vizcaya, and the birth place of my mother and her family. (There's also a nickname in Euskara \ Basque for Bilbao.."el boxto " which translates into "the hole" another hobbity type reference.) The second part, "The Rover" is a reference to one of my favorite Zeppelin songs as well as a reference to myself being a bit of a traveler. And there it is......
  10. Live version of "Gallows Pole" with Strange Sensation...what a great re-invention of an already great song.
  11. I will ! I got it from eBay ! it's very cool ! I'll take one and post it or send you both a pic in PM. Hi Celia ! Hi 9 ! Always love to chat with you both, you're two of my favorite people here ! ( or ANYWHERE ! )
  12. I got my "Nurses Do It Better" T-shirt today ! YAY !
  13. Hi Pilot ! you've already 'partaken" in some sprits eh ? A coke for you it is ! I'll have my usual bartender !
  14. I know ! I know ! Bro, I hope your day gets better cheer up ! It's pissin' down rain over here, high winds and COLD...I'm trying not to let it harsh my mood !
  15. Everytime I hear "Cliff Notes" I think of " Cliff Richard ! " ( I know, I'm a dork)
  16. I'll have a full cellar waiting for you M'Lady....I really do hope we can all raise a glass together some day soon ! That would be loverly !
  17. It takes a geek to know one manders ! I got a very cool illustrated "Beowulf" the other day and I thought of you.
  18. That would make Ev and I VERY Happy Knebby ! I'm saving a couple of bottles of wine just for you !
  19. You too Amigo ! We have to do it more often, one day we'll lift a pint (or 12) together in person !
  20. "Shine It All Around" is blaring out of the radio right now ! Right on KFOG !
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