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  1. ok, we all agree...lets get this thing rolling. Who has Jimmys email? Im sure he will like it and respond back.....just kidding
  2. I think it would be more personal and have more depth if Jimmy just produced it himself.
  3. Hi, I have always wished the Jimmy Page would record and all acoustic/instrumental album. I have always found his acoustic playing inspring and majestic. He always gets a great tone and I would just love to have 60 minutes of new acoustic music....just daydreaming at work
  4. Best Live : Since Ive Been Loving You No Quarter Dazed and Confused Immigrant Song Song Remains The Same Moby Dick Thank You Studio: Stairway To Heaven Babe Im Gonna Leave you Kashmir Dancing Days What Is and Should Never Be Ten Years Gone Rock and Roll Battle of Evermore Black Dog
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