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  1. Arrived at 9:30, wristband fitted by 10:30, T-shirt and programme bought. Now at home. Very easy and well organised in the main. The queues were quite long when I left about 11:15 but at least they were inside out of the rain.
  2. Can I suggest that it is an age thing? At about the time Zep stopped Queen were just about starting out (late '70's). Any polls done now will most likely involve those sub-40 and they would have been brought up on Queen not Zep. Zep fans from back in the day (now in their late 40s, 50s any beyond) are probably not being polled. I'm not saying it's right but it could be an argument for why!
  3. Earls Court May 1975 (can't remember which date but I remember being very close to the stage) O2 December 2007 (I have a ticket!!!)
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