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  1. I was there, very high up, and it sounded great after about half way through 'Ramble On'. So what if there were a few moments where the sound guys didn't get it perfect? For me, it takes nothing away from the experience. I only wish there were less people like you at the gig and more who were just glad to be there and share in the experience. I wouldn't have missed it for the world. I hope you stick to your word and let that be your final word, geek or not.
  2. From someone who was born in 1982 I'd just like to thank the band for making what seemed like an impossible dream come true. I've now seen Led Zeppelin live!!! Before this show was announced I was waiting for someone to invent a time machine. Now I have an experience that I'll remember and cherish forever. I was holding back the tears on a few occasions. I had to hold them back again when I just watched a video of ‘Good Times Bad Times’ that someone had put on Youtube. I feel so unbelievably fortunate to have been there and seen the greatest band of all time. Every one of the band was u
  3. Do you look anything like your friend? If so you could take his I.D., credit card and password then just pretend to be him. If not then I hear you can get some plastic surgery on ebay.
  4. Well if they do cancel them then they should let you know well before the gig. Calling ticketmaster was a bit of a pain as I had to hold for ages. The first woman I spoke to said we'd messed up by paying with my card and the tickets would be cancelled but she seemed a bit clueless. When I called again and explained the situation it was someone else and they told me I'd have to transfer the costs to my girlfriend's (i.e. the ballot winner's) card. That was at lunch time today and my girlfriend checked her account. Sure enough the money had been taken from her card and I received a refund.
  5. Yes, inside all the newspapers and in all the news reports. (UK people only)
  6. I seriously doubt that will be an issue. If it is then it's ridiculous.
  7. Yes I think there are many in a similar boat. When did your friend win the ballot? Was it recently? I did the same thing when my girlfriend won the code last week. She had no money at the time so used my credit card. I called ticketmaster and they said the tickets would be cancelled. I put money into her account and called them back. They took her debit card details and transfered the booking costs onto her card so that everything now matches. I think you should try something similar or they may cancel your tickets. If you won in the first ballot it doesn't matter though as they got
  8. That's great news as my girlfriend and I are in exactly the same situation. I don't suppose you got an e-mail from the O2, Harvey Goldsmith or Ticketmaster telling you as much? My girlfriend e-mailed Ticketmaster today but they've said they'll take 24 hours to respond. I can't see a problem myself. We're not touts and we won the ballot fairly just like everyone else. I'll have the credit card with I.D. and she'll have the winning ballot number with I.D. Yes, my grilfriend could have tried to register for a credit card but we thought that would take a while and the winning e-mail said fir
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