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  1. if do another concert and i get to go this time..then woohoo if they don't, i don't mind, as people have said they've sealed it in an awesome way every zep fan is going remember December 10th 2007 as a date where Plant, Page, Jones and Bonham junior did something amazing everytime i listen to the recordings of ramble on it sends shivers down my spine
  2. my dad just told me he heard on virgin radio that they will be touring England and are getting it set up more fuel to the fire. i have no idea..i hope they tour but theres a huge possibility that it wont happen.
  3. i second that letz zep are so so so amazingly good my dad said he literally did shut his eyes and think the real zeppelin was up there back in the 70s i've seen them 3 times now..and i'm definatley seeing them again incredible
  4. i wasnt there but my favourite moment: sitting at home listening to planet rock and then seeing the news with a clip of black dog from the gig and seeing how well it had gone it made me smile so much just to see them
  5. just wondering. the people you are getting the setlist info from have they said anything about the actual playing if they sound great? i'm sure they do
  6. woo they played ramble on how lovely first time they've played the full thing live
  7. well guys...zeppelin is landing in about an hour and 20 minutes or so man this would have made such a good birthday present (december 13th for me) i wish i was there infact i wish every zeppelin fan was there peace
  8. just wondering if anyone on here is going? and if anyone has any tickets for the show on the 28th in gold circle standing are that they wish to sell for a decent price i will sincerely greatful i'm missing out on zeppelin and i dont want to miss out on this aswell... my mate has a ticket in the gold circle and it would be nice to go with him peace
  9. i'm not going but i hope they actually play ramble on its such a beautiful track and my god they must play kashmir
  10. i will be at college wearing everything zeppelin i have lol. And i might see if i can make the trip up to london in the evening..its not hard. just if my parents let me go or not!
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