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  1. Thank you, Steve. I am Amy, was the youngest kid in the bunch that went over in 1982. Julie will be gratified to hear it! Cheers..
  2. Actually those photos were not taken by the Americans that Jimmy & Charlotte invited in on August 31. They had indeed tried to see him prior that week, but on the 31st they arrived in the evening and the only photos taken were inside Mill House, not out by the gate.
  3. Hi Steve, I'm new here on the forums as far as posting goes. Just now had time to peruse. What a wealth of information; it's really good to see so much regard for the guys still, after all these years. I was with Elli and the others on that holiday in the UK in 1982. We did not photograph Page playing snooker. On that day, 24th August 1982, we were visiting with Robert and Jimmy (and very briefly JPJ) at Swan Song records immediately following the last meeting they had regarding Coda. Robert was kind enough to invite us in. Jimmy and he took a couple hours to spend. A memorable day indeed. I hope to get to know folks here and share info while learning more. How fun. Thanks!
  4. The woman to Robert's right is Shirley. That isn't Maureen, though, on his other side.
  5. Blocoboy- thanks for posting this clipping. What a remarkable find! I had seen the one Midlands Flower People photo for many years now, but not this one! Cheers
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