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  1. Kick ass. Dio sounds better than he has any right to sound at his age.
  2. I think Perry Farrell has one of the most annoying voices in rock. He sounds like a 12 year old boy taunting kids on the playground. "na na na na na, you can't catch me" and he doubletracks his voice a million times to give it some kind of weight.
  3. Anyone know why Ozone Baby was titled what it was? It doesn't seem to relate to the lyrics.
  4. But do you think he would have gone this route anyway even if he had finished the Crowes tour or was the back injury a catalyst?
  5. Right, but what remains unknown is how much the back injury played into Jimmy's inactivity since then. He was really on a tear from 1998 onwards and was exhibiting a newfound youthful enthusiasm for touring when interviewed with the Crowes. Even if he recovered after a few weeks, maybe this was a dose of the reality of age that pushed him into semi-retirement after working too hard, or he felt that if he jumped back on the road it would have looked bad for the insurance company. But you have to concede that the shift from touring around the world to sitting on the couch was abrupt, and he really did not communicate his intentions at all to his fans.
  6. It's my opinion that he has dentures. In interviews he's fiddling with them with his tongue and lips the way senior citizens often do. So I don't think he has implants or caps. I think they are dentures.
  7. OK, here is one that may have been asked before, but can we get a timeline of when each member had a beard? I've started seeing a bunch of photos of them having beards and it looks like the pattern was them growing beards between tours and keeping them on during the initial european gigs and getting rid of them when they hit the states. Also, I'd like to know the origin of Jimmy's Zoso sweater vest and a listing of gigs he wore it
  8. Not really. He's had every chance in the world to make the most of his fame. I think Rod needs the Faces reunion more than anyone else, though, to redeem his long lost rock street cred.
  9. I think most demos are like that. Jennings Farm Blues, for instance. It's a vamp and they go back and refine it later and add different movements. To me they sound like they were going for a Holst The Planets or Ravel Bolero thing. BTW, you must not like JPJ's solo stuff because most of it holds on riffs as long as Mind Drive does. I think the finished Yes song is really good.
  10. If you listen to the clips on Youtube, Jimmy is clearly playing on them. Whether he contributed to the songwriting is up in the air. Both Squire and White both claim to have written the guitar riffs on Mind Drive and just directed Jimmy what to play. They can't both be right. Not sure about the other stuff.
  11. Here is something that's been nagging me. Jimmy has said on several occasions that he put away his guitars after John Bonham died for a long stretch of time and the ARMS concert was what pulled him out of inacivity. But he actually had a lot to do during those first few post-Zep years. There was finishing up Coda (not sure how much guitar work was involved). There was the XYZ sessions, and there was Death Wish II. So I'm wondering whether Jimmy was exaggerating or there really is a long stretch there where he had his guitars in storage with no break inbetween and exactly WHEN that was? Secondly, has anyone actually tried to deconstruct Jimmy's solo songs to figure out which songs and portions of songs has him playing guitar synthesizer? I have a pretty good idea which bits on Death Wish II feature it. Outrider and C/P it's a little harder to figure out. Some of the synth parts are keyboards so it's a little hard to distinguish between the two. But with the GR-300 and the GR-700, more of the string technique bleeds through so you can tell, vs. later Roland synths that merely translate pitch to MIDI. I've often heard that Death Wish II had a combination of GR-300 and GR-700 but if the soundtrack was recorded in 1981 or 1982, the GR-700 hadn't yet been released (unless Jimmy got a prototype model). There is a photo of him playing the GR-700 taken from a high angle that is hard to find online. I don't know the date on that one. I've never seen it in high resolution. He also did a print ad endorsing the VG-8 but I have no documentation of him ever using one in the studio or live. He eventually stopped using guitar synths and stuck to the Transperformance instead. He gave an audio interview for the Transperformance guys where he talked about his frustrations trying to get good tracking on guitar synths.
  12. I haven't heard it but most say the performance of Levee in Chicago in 1975 was really bad. I guess they could never recreate the studio vibe of that song.
  13. And you chose to participate in a Led Zeppelin board?
  14. It's a guilty pleasure. John Taylor is a woefully underrated bassist. His lines dominate a lot of DD songs. He learned from the master.
  15. That lokos pretty cool, thanks.
  16. Then why didn't they cut a deal with Caddilac earlier when they were busy denying Linklater? It's because the Zep brand had more cachet back then. If they want to treat their music as sacred, they won't license it out for commercials (or greatest hits CDs or records with rap artists) and they will stick to their guns and not change their minds. What happens is, money aside, a band's relevance starts to fade and they feel the need to do these things to remain in the public eye. Like now they are selling Zep ringtones and you can see spots featuring Kashmir at the movie theater. If you go too far down this road you just become hucksters like Kiss.
  17. That was before they decided it was OK to prostitute the music out in Caddy commercials.
  18. Jeff Beck Group was power blues like a lot of acts were doing, like Cream before it or Peter Green's Fleetwood Mac. Even on the first Zep album they demonstrated far more musical diversity, especially if you also retroactively include Baby, Come on Home.
  19. That was cool, but the lack of guitar solos and overdubs in areas that were begging for them (like Shining in the Light, which seems to want to build to a guitar-orchestra climax but never does) resulted in an album that sounds like a live soundcheck or something. And the less said about Robert's singing (ahem, Burnin Up) the better.
  20. The guy from System of a Down (just plain stupid delivery) and the guy from Counting Crows (can you say whine?) are the worst.
  21. He was probably just trying to sound modest. Thank You, Achilles, Fool in the Rain, No Quarter, and many others feature "full scale" rather than just pentatonic solos.
  22. That isn't saying much. You rarely hear guitar solos at all anymore. Maybe that will change because of Guitar Hero.
  23. If you want to talk about varispeed, check out Four Sticks as well. Plant sounds even more unnatural there.
  24. Jimmy never got the chance to take the C/P stuff on tour in the US so Robert is clearly throwing him a bone here, with Jimmy returning the favor with Calling to You.
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