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  1. He was over most of the offstage antics by 1977. He obviously still loved the music.
  2. I've said it before and will said it again. Jimmy is semi-retired and he'll do something substantial only when he feels like it, which at this rate is probably never. It's frustrating when he says things in interviews that makes it seem like he's working on something. I get the sense that he's just trying to avoid admitting to himself and the public that he's retired. But his action speak louder than words. He's dabbling here and there in low-impact stuff. The usual flurry of magazine interviews. Showing up at some award ceremonies. Maybe a couple one off live appearances a year. That's it. He's the grizzled warrior who keeps his axe sharp but rarely feels the need to use it other than to just show that he still can.
  3. Finally that's on Youtube. I've been looking for that for ages!
  4. Not really impressed at all. Jimmy in session man mode with no real signature licks.
  5. The fact is Heaven and Hell are now enjoying greater success than Ozzy musically these days. I really think this is sour grapes. The person I feel the most for in all this is Bill Ward. The guy is a firm believer in the original lineup, almost to the point of treating it like an extended family.
  6. They have a few songs that are undeniably metal. Achilles certainly is as metal as an Iron Maiden song. Dazed and Confused is kind of a proto doomer metal dirge. The riffs in Communication Breakdown and Paranoid are pretty much alike. No Quarter also has a metal vibe, especially how it was played live with extra distortion on the main riff. They covered a lot of territory whereas metal bands generally didn't, but metal was part of it.
  7. JPJ has never kept his solo projects a secret on his website. The only reason to keep it a secret is the couple other musicians are very well known, so even if it's not Jimmy and Jason, then it's going to still be interesting.
  8. Tony is a very hammer-on-pull-off sort of player as most of the old school blues-based rockers were. He's not a speed picker or tapper like modern technical guys so he'll never rank up there with Vai and Satriani. Like Jimmy he has to be judged on the overall package which includes the songwriting.
  9. Kick ass. Dio sounds better than he has any right to sound at his age.
  10. http://www.keithrelf.com/relf.html Woops!
  11. I think Perry Farrell has one of the most annoying voices in rock. He sounds like a 12 year old boy taunting kids on the playground. "na na na na na, you can't catch me" and he doubletracks his voice a million times to give it some kind of weight.
  12. Metallica has been around for 25+ years. They aren't "recent". I'm not sure it's possible to have an up and coming supergroup. Just too many bands out there, too many myspace pages.
  13. At the time I was really mystified why they didn't tour. I heard about the low ticket sales and couldn't imagine that the Zep cachet had faded so much since the late 80s. Surely there were enough Jimmy fans out there who were starving for him to play live again since 88? Apparently not. That to me was the sign that grunge was sweeping away hair metal. It took Robert to get the lapsed Zep fans back in gear.
  14. Zep was an ensemble. Jimmy may have been the architect but without the others' input, it never would have worked. If you want evidence, listen to The Yardbirds Little Games album. It's pretty much Led Zeppelin I without the right personnel. Or listen to the Yardbirds proto-Tangerine vs. the finished Zep one. The devil's in the details, folks.
  15. I for one was really disappointed that C/P never toured the US. I think they would do well if they tried again, kind of like Heaven and Hell (Sabbath with Dio) being more successful now than when they went out during the grunge era with Dehumanizer. Both projects suffered because of the rise of grunge. This would have been something Jimmy should have done before Coverdale reformed Whitesnake again, though. Since now Coverdale is surfing on Whitesnake nostalgia.
  16. It makes you wonder whether they could have used that version for Unleded.
  17. mos6507

    An epic image

    There is nothing wrong about the image of Zep. There are too many Zep fans with hangups about the D&D and occult aspects of Zeppelin. Zep was not a grunge band (although arguably they went through phases of looking disheveled). At their peak they were a band with flashpots, smoke, lasers, flaming gongs, dragon suits. Even at the O2 they were all about excess with the big TV screen. If you can't accept that, then give up Zep and go listen to bebop or classical or something.
  18. Guitarist is a broad term. If you aren't a shred player you may not like shredding. When I think of the prime demographic of the guitar magazines, they are hardcore shredders. Or at least they used to be in the early 90s when I was subscribed to Guitar for the Practicing Musician. Shredding is music for other shredders and wannabe shredders. I don't like shredders who can't write songs that stand on their own. The great things about Zep was the ensemble. You really had a well balanced orchestration. There was something interesting going on between all of the instruments and the interplay between them. Shredding tends to be some superstar with a simple backbeat provided by session players, something that could have easily been added by a beat-box. It's just not a very three dimensional listening experience. I like being able to play a Zep track over and over and shift my attention to different instruments. Listen to Travelin' Riverside Blues JUST for the bass track, for instance. It's just a much richer tapestry. One of Vai's recent albums he said he really tried to do the Jimmy Page guitar army thing, but when I listened to the preview tracks on amazon.com I was not convinced that he truly "got it". Maybe the missing element was not having a real band of equals.
  19. More like the pick, which is what Dick Dale does.
  20. Write off Robert. He doesn't come when he's called. You should be directing your requests at Jimmy and Jonesy. They both have solo albums in mothballs and have just walked away from a project together that could have amounted to something.
  21. It seems to me that post-Zep the only studio endeavors in which he's put his 100% effort into was DW II, the 3 instrumentals on Outrider, and Coverdale/Page. Everything else he would take a backseat to whomever he was working with. It's sad that Robert is walking away with a grammy sweep and Jimmy is potentially facing the end of his career out of years of procrastination.
  22. Looks like Jimmy is wearing the same jacket he had for the Supershow. That was a cool (and brief) leather phase for him.
  23. They didn't do Live8 or Live Earth. What makes you think they would do this?
  24. No, guitarists definitely appreciate shredding kind of like a figure skating judge watching a triple axel, as a feat of athleticism. I mean, only guitarists really know what it takes to pull off certain things. The general public gave up their interest in solos in the 90s. Only things like Guitar Hero have raised the level of interest in playing again. Still, there is a reason stuff like American Idol dominates rather than a battle of the bands show. The public in general tend to fixate more on singing than instrumentalism.
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