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  1. It's the sound of a mature band making great music. Too bad it suffers from reputation. I get the impression people too young to have heard it when released have prejudiced opinions about it before they give it a chance. IMO it has some of their most thought out songs on it.
  2. The sound issue seems to be a worldwide problem. I took a friend, a 69 yr old that's not a fan, and even he complained of the low volume.
  3. Saw it at Landmark in Denver. After a slow start and many audience shout outs for more volume it got off the ground around For Your Life. I felt the theater sound was pretty good and the nice big chairs were comfortable at the Landmark. That they have a bar there made it better and it was something that kept me there because before long I started losing interest, IMO the film isn't much of a departure or improvement over the bootlegs. Which is a good or bad thing depending on how you view it. Consequently I left after Stairway because I felt as if I was watching a movie I'd seen too many times
  4. I'm sure I'll get the le(a)d out of my ass and get down there. I made a dinner res as well a few days ago so I may as well have a night. Pretty sure the theater has a bar so I'll skip the popcorn for some cabernet.
  5. I have tix to the Denver showing but not sure I want to go. Not sure why but not real excited about it now that show day is here. Just been in a funk all week. Need to find some motivation.
  6. Without a doubt Hendrix stole some of their thunder, though the reality was nobody could contend with him. But Cream was for all practical purposes dead and buried before Zep even got of the ground. The agreed to disband in early '68.
  7. Love 'em. GE Smith played great guitar with them.
  8. LOL! JP plays scales and barre chords. I wouldn't read too much into that article. My translation is "Please don't bore me with the usual guitar geek questions. Let's move on". It's not happenstance his fingers moved to specific places on the guitar. You don't stumble into that. Repetition is another word for practice. You don't have to sit down with a instructor or book to practice.
  9. Really depends on the climate where you live. Here I can get by with a soft cloth and water. Dryer climates may require an oil based conditioner for hardwood fretboards, bridges other parts. Humid climates may mean regular cleaning for hardware to avoid corrosion. Most furniture cleaners and polish contain wax and chemicals that may damage the finish. I would avoid. I'd stick to products specifically sold for wooden instruments. Reviews are telling. Most of the good ones are quick to mention their product doesn't contain harmful additives, wax, fragrance, detergents, abrasives, corrosive stuff
  10. I have quite a few live Faces DVD's. Did the unmentionable and paid for what are clearly bootlegs but justfied it after years of not seeing a single clip. The SFS was one, this was about ten years ago before it made the rounds on TV. I also have a complete '73 show, the '70 Marquee show, a '71 show and bits and pieces of some other early stuff. Of course I have the commercially available Faces DVD's too. All show Wood in fine form.
  11. Worth mentioning is the vast majority if not all recent Olympic performances are canned to prevent technical difficulties during the ceremony.
  12. No, the radio thing was just an example of an early experience. LZ was one of the first "love affairs" I had with music. I bought every album, dissected everything from the art to the lyrics. The allure lasted quite some time. I scoured record shows and thrift shops for vinyl boots, had the Dannmarks stuff on VHS in the early 80's. I was pretty hardcore. Though I came to LZ via Hendrix, he was my first exposure to hard rock. For me LZ was a gateway band not a stopping point. All of the 60's-70's artists\bands were. Once I started working back from there I started losing my appreciation for
  13. I play guitar, bass, harp, keys, drums, sing a bit...Lately I've been rockin' the two '83 SQ series Squier's below. Fantastic guitars.
  14. Like most rock guitarists his roots are blues but he doesn't just play blues. EC is adept at playing many styles of music. I think people confuse his deep appreciation of the blues with the actual music he makes. He's definitely done some straight up blues stuff but the majority of what he's performed should be considered rock music.
  15. For whatever reason the dynamic of the band changed. RW and KR were explosive when KR guested with the Faces and later in New Barbarians. There were moments in The Stones but as things progressed from the outside looking in it appears they made a decision to reign it in. That said I don't think it was a detriment to the sound. I love what they did Some Girls through Dirty Work.
  16. Ever hear "Presence Of The Lord", that is one rippin' solo.
  17. I like EC in every era but there are times when I think he should have been more thoughtful with the production. There are some great mid period songs that suffer from too much keyboard where there should be guitar. But it's not a problem that is unique to him. At the time change was necessary or the market left you behind. Many of those that stayed the course to avoid pastel silk suits, synths and corny hairdos in favor of continuing in the hard rock vein ended up playing for peanuts in small venues.
  18. Much of it stems from DAC. They didn't "borrow" that. But yeah had they given credit when due none of this would've happened. They brought it upon themselves and unfortunately once the door was opened people started reaching further than was justified. Some of the examples are pathetic, others spot on. Personally I'm not offended by things done in tribute or snippets of lyrics that are tossed in that may be homage to a lesser known artist. DAC is where it gets ugly.
  19. The term is tribute band. Personally I don't indulge but they don't give me heartburn or anything like that.
  20. IMO not a relevant comparison. Besides both playing rock music not many similarities. Geezer and Bill are a more jazz influenced rhythm section. They aren't driving the beat into the ground as much as soaring around it. For all practical purposes there is a bit of role reversal, they fill the musical space RP and JP fill in LZ. Ozzy and Tony are the hard thump of the band. The wrote from different places. LZ more often than not wrote about happy, sexy things. Sabbath delved into darker topics inspired by the doom and gloom of the times. Not much in common.
  21. I can't say for sure when I took an interest but I remember why. Back in the 70's the local hard rock radio station counted down the top 500 songs every Labor Day weekend. I always listened as much as I could and made sure I was in front of a radio for the top 20. To a kid this was fascinating stuff. Waiting and waiting to see if anything had changed. Every year it was the same and when it came time to play the number one song we always wondered if we'd somehow missed Stairwas To Heaven. Of course we hadn't and it would play and the weekend would be over. Good memories though I can honestly sa
  22. I remember that, cool to see it again. Thanks.
  23. Good to see this thread is still kickin'. I've been listening to a lot of surf\instro\lounge stuff lately but Blues is still my main source of inspiration. Recently renewed my interest in the Fabulous Thunderbirds.
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