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  1. I meet Tony Martin at a club in Birmingham,he was a very nice person to talk to..I went to there "secret" Gig (warm up to the NEC shows) ,in Birmingham as well.
  2. I know I went to the NEC in Birmingham to see them.. Robert Plant doesn't need Led Zeppelin as much as Jimmy Page or John Paul Jones...If they did do an album,IMO it would be in the style of ITTOD with an eastern feel..
  3. you look as beautiful as ever LZG
  4. its an old English joke .. first man : my wife is going to the west Indies for a hoilday. second man : oh Jamaica? first man : no it was her own idea.. you have to say it in a Black Country/Birmingham accent ..Jamaica - D'ya Make 'Er (Did You Make Her) Plants/Bonhams little joke on a reggae influence Zeppelin track
  5. back home in Birmingham England there is a great Zeppelin cover band called Fred Zeppelin ( I know them ) here is a resent youtube ...looking old now I must say http://www.fred-zeppelin.com/
  6. I found going to the big stadium shows you dont really get to see the band, only small specks on a large stage and you end up just watching he video screen...Zeppelin went back to playing small venue at there hight of there fame in the 70's..they played at a venue in my home town of Erdington,Birmingham UK in 1969 and just up the road in Sutton Coldfield in1971 http://www.ledzeppelin.com/image/photos-home/memorabilia/ads/birmingham-mothers-club-ad-1969 http://www.ledzeppelin.com/show/march-20-1971
  7. never would happen...Page and Jones need Led Zeppelin more than Plant does..though the one off O2 show was fantastic,thats all it was,just a one off show...
  8. I saw Whitsnake in 1979,Coverdale was just a copy of Percy IMO..as for Jason Bonham,he is a new group that is bloody good,I think he has moved on. Percy has done more solo albums than he did Zeppelin albums..he is happy where he is and I respect him for that
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