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  1. Does anyone know what year this picture was taken?
  2. I like Jimmy's sound without having to analyze and argue the finer points. I just enjoy it!
  3. April 27th at the Fillmore in Denver! Here I come again, Robert!!
  4. Very impressive venues. I went to a show at Madison Square Garden last Saturday and can appreciate why Led Zeppelin liked to play there!
  5. You should have stopped watching the video at that point.
  6. Currently at #1, where he should be!
  7. Looks like someone unwrapped their presents early...
  8. Totally surpass The Who and everyone else for that matter!
  9. Does anyone have the ice cream cone pictures from the 1980something? They are understatedly delicious...
  10. No one can do ANYTHING he did or does!
  11. Does it lie in his hands or...in his voice...
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